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    @KitKatKitty I was disappointed when they stopped classes too. What does not appear to be understood by them is that there is more to such things than just the learning. From the makeup of our class alone it showed that with a variation of different people attending. I remember too, one time I was sent from work too for a specific technical short…[Read more]

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    To be honest what works the best for me is to remind me that I would never let anyone talk to me the way I talk to myself. It often makes me kinder to myself.
    After all, you’re the only person with whom you’re stuck forever! So you’d better get along with yourself ūüôā

    To answer the initial question, even though I am trying to not…[Read more]

  • Thankyou¬† @KitKatKitty and @SpinningJen¬† Im now accepting of my body the way it is but it was hard. I had to say goodbye to all my clothes soon after the treatment as I was forced to accept I would never fit into them again.


    One of the nicest things that ever happened was at the very worst time, I was huge (to my way of thinking) and I was w…[Read more]

  • @KitKatKitty¬† Generally Im not en envious person. But I can understand it, there have been moments recently because of OH’s illness that I have realised that there are plans /things/ holidays that we will never take,¬† things I will never see because he cant do them. Then I do feel slightly jealous of those who dont have to worry about health but o…[Read more]

  • @KitKatKitty

    Thanks for your kind words.¬† She actually ended up trying to sell her story to my fiance’s best friend when no one would respond to her.¬† It is crazy that she’s gone to such lengths to try and ‘ruin’ me because I wouldn’t bend to her will.¬† I have friends who have confided in me that I have gotten upset with and no longer speak to bu…[Read more]

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    @KitKatKitty I do agree that some can be troublesome or difficult to deal with overall.  Ironically though, they are not the ones who make my days rough at my job; it is my coworkers.  I feel as though they are unneccessarily rough.  Most can be spoken to kindly and redirected successfully.  It just takes patience, which very few people have.

  • I’d love to see them @KitKatKitty!

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    @KitKatKitty if a soul is that part of you that lives on in the memory of others after you’ve gone then yes dogs have souls. I’ve always had dogs around me and when our last boy Benny, died at age 15 some people advised against another dog because OH isn’t well but life without dog was just empty,cold and colourless. So Murphy came into our lives…[Read more]

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    @KitKatKitty I totally agree with you. My daughter had a friend when she was little and that girl was scared of everything, the dog , bridges , the dark, lightning, even having her hair cut.

    I couldnt understand it because my children were fearful of nothing and that is sometimes a huge worry for a mum!¬† I devolped some photos once (old days)…[Read more]

  • I have to say as I started to read your post I thought sounds like that guy has some PTSD going on.

    By the time I got to the end I thought no hes just a player.

    The thing is its all very well your friends or any of us saying you deserve better  but unless you think you do you will never move on and find someone.

    As @KitKatKitty not all men…[Read more]

  • I hope you had a happy birthday @KitKatKitty!

    I had a really good time with my fiance this past weekend, he and I had a wonderful talk about our future and plans for children.  I went to a resort with him up north, it was really magical!

    I’m having some issues at work, my boss (who’s a woman) came to me about a job opportunity with someone else…[Read more]

  • Gaming like so many other things can become an addiction but I suppose you know that. It sounds like your BF is on a slippey slope, I get he is most likely down due to the job situation and even in the 21st century guys dont like it when the woman brings home the bacon and they dont so they retreat into a place they feel good and safe , with your…[Read more]

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    My daughter keeps exotics and one of them was Matilda a Brachypelma¬†Smithi, or Red Knee Tarantula. They never handeled Matilda she was too grumpy and would kick out her leg hairs at you which cause a lot of itching. This summer she passed away at the age of 22.. Thats not really old for this type of spider they can live up to 30…[Read more]

  • @KitKatKitty its sounds as if Christmas is a busy time for you.

    We have no family living in the country except my daughter and her husband so they will come round on boxing day.

    We used to go to an ex-pats Christmas gathering with a pot luck dinner and carol singing but so many people have returned home it had to be abandoned. Goining out…[Read more]

  • @kitkatkitty You’re right that I’m no longer happy with our marriage. I should’ve known him better.