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    I am also glad you enjoyed your dance group, Noeleena! Dancing is always a fun and social event.

    I have done line dancing in the past with my social group. I also like disco dancing. Just in a fun way, though! I do enjoy watching professional dancers, too: such as Jennifer Lopez and stars at the theatre. Theatre shows are amazing. When the stars dance, it is wonderful.

    Anyhow, enjoy your dancing! And your time with your friends.


    I had a few hours to myself yesterday, so took the time to read “Northanger Abbey” all the way through. I tend to read books slowly now: especially recently. I want to absorb the story and enjoy turning the pages. I shall read as much as I can: and not speed read. I am a book lover through and through.

    I really enjoyed the story and loved its historical nature. It is amazing how things have changed since Jane Austen’s time, yet her books are still here today and are still being read. Jane was a spectacular writer. She didn’t even have a computer: let alone Grammarly.

    I am now reading “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Another great book.


    I spoke to Vicky on the telephone last night: she is so much better. She doesn’t sound tired or too sick. In fact, her physiotherapy sessions have been going incredibly well.

    Having Vicky back is wonderful. I am just scared of her being re-infected. I know that sounds very negative but it is a real fear.

    Thank you all again for your support. You’ve helped me deal with what Vicky has gone through. I know my best friend has had a lucky escape. So many people have died from Coronavirus. I thank god for his mercy on Vicky.

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    Thank you, Rachel.


    My friend on an out-of-date website knew someone who went to primary school with Sade. I wouldn’t mind meeting her myself! She has the most incredible lips. I wish! I’d also like to meet Bono. Now he is totally cool.

    Another claim to fame!


    “Gullivan’s Travels” was brilliant. The first part captivated me, I have to say. It IS one of the most famous scenes in book history. Jonathan Swift didn’t even have a computer – let alone Grammarly – yet he managed to write such brilliant work. I shall re-read Gullivan’s Travels in the future. It has such imagination and descriptions. An incredible story: no wonder it’s famous.

    I am now reading the Jane Austen book “Northanger Abbey”. I am on the first chapter ATM. I definitely like her work. And – again – she didn’t have a computer, yet she was able to write that kind of material. It goes to show the talent writers in the past had. And their work lives on. I do also feel that historical writers can be more meaningful than say a sex mad vampire novel. I am sure those novels are great, but the classics are better.

    I love reading: I am addicted.


    I am now reading “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift. It is great! I have other books to read, too.

    I love reading!


    I see your point. It is rather religious and seems a flight of fancy to think there is a God who will help. But I suppose there is no harm in having faith. Still, I do realize the destruction those in power are putting the earth and human race through.

    There has always been evil in the world. There has always been those in power who try to destroy us and the planet. The fact that evil gets in power is disturbing. These companies responsible for destroying the rainforests are angry at this man for his 8 billion trees campaign: the companies only care about profit. They would happily leave earth with no rainforests at all.

    I realize this seems a change of topic, but I feel it’s relevant.

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    I am forever doing the laundry. I air out my flat daily, too. I suppose I like clear air and clean laundry.

    As for you guys: it is best to clean when you are able to. There is no law that says you must clean ABC by 5pm. Do it at your own pace and keep to your own routine and schedule. Cleaning is a non-stop job and an on-going thing. It doesn’t all have to be done at once. One day you could dust your TV. Another day you could clean your kitchen: it really depends on your job and responsibilities. You could write a rota, I suppose: that would give you time to keep things clean whilst getting on with work.

    Definitely carry on cleaning!


    Even though I won’t be here in the year 3000, I do know the earth and the human race won’t be destroyed. Not to sound religious, but God won’t allow his world to be destroyed. He will bring his men and women to fight those evil: fight those that want to waste God’s paradise. God has his own brand of justice.

    Even those without a religion will fight evil. The human race will never be destroyed. I am sure of it: and I don’t know why.


    You seem secure within yourself. I don’t know a lot about you, but your relationships must go well.

    I don’t have a boyfriend as such, but there is someone close to me in my life. His name is Nick and he is a great guy. A decent guy. We shall see. I can’t visit him due to lockdown. But I shall see him when I can. Again, not until lockdown is over.

    You’re welcome: I am happy to offer you advice, if you should ask for it, noeleena.


    And that is what I have just done. My sister has no access to my new beauty page. She cannot complain about being exposed or put at risk of people knowing her Facebook page.

    I do think Facebook is designed to be public. If you don’t want to make some posts public, why bother using Facebook at all? It is meant to be a  social platform. That is my argument with my sister. I don’t see why she bothers with Facebook. She doesn’t trust Facebook to be secure. In fact, Facebook is one of the most secure sites on the Internet.

    Anyhow, it is done. I have a new page and there is no risk now to my sister.


    And 8 billion trees will help those future generations. I am joining in the fight to save our planet. Do Google 8 billion trees.

    Again this seems like spam but the tree movement will help our closer generations too. Let us heal the world before it’s too late.


    I’ve been around drunk people, cassandra: and it didn’t look good. They looked out of control, their eyes were wild and they couldn’t walk in a straight line. Having someone vomit, too, is awful. They can feel relaxed, but everyone knows they’re drunk and look down a little. Especially if it is a permanent problem, such as with alcoholism.

    I am not against alcohol. I just wouldn’t drink too much.


    Maybe prayers are heard. I must admit I do believe in that kind of thing. All your support helped me, too.

    I know Vicky will recover and grow old. She is a fighter.

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