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    I love this time of year. Autumn is my favourite season.


    I think poetry is popular for a reason: it speaks about the heart, mind and soul. It speaks about politics, crime, the economy, romance and every subject you could ever think of. Poems are an easy way to describe feelings, situations, problems, emotions. So many people pen poetry. Many read poetry. It is an art-form that is close to so many people’s hearts.

    I have never made any money from my poetry: and I doubt I will. I am good but know that is not always enough. Still, I write poems and put them online and just hope they cheer people up or make them think about world issues. However, I have never claimed to be some sort of W.B Yeats or Sylvia Plath. Those writers are legends and I can aspire to be like them, but whether or not that happens does not matter. Writing – again – does not always have to be serious or very high quality. Quality is important, though and I do try.


    It is good that your son followed his heart, SpinningJen and switched to a subject he wanted to do. I have no knowledge of your family, but do think he was honest with himself and let himself decide what was right for him, university course wise. Because everyone has their own wants and needs and I believe a person should choose for themself. Medicine is something to be proud of, I agree. But philosophy must’ve been where his heart lay.

    Still, I don’t know anything about your family. But it is good that you’re proud of your son. He certainly has done well for himself.

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    I sorted my linen cupboard a few days ago: it sure needed it! I definitely love tidying and organizing things.


    I must admit, I don’t agree with parents who tell their children what to do in the world of education: some parents push their son/daughter to be a doctor, say, when he/she really has no interest in that field. OK, parents helping their children make their dreams come true is wonderful – and maybe being a doctor is right for that young person – but no one should ever be told they can’t do a college course they are interested in. If someone hates mathematics, they should never be encouraged to forget what they do love – English, say – and do mathematics instead. If a young person has an interest in something, they should be told it’s OK to do well – not just excel – in that field.

    For instance, I love English and computing. And – considering this is my life – I have chosen to excel in these fields. NO ONE has the right to say I can’t do creative writing or that I should’ve studied something else instead. English is my favourite subject and that is my dream. And I believe this should apply to all children, young people and young adults AND adults.

    Follow your dreams, children.


    I love Sade. I am listening to her album “Stronger Than Pride”. I love “Diamond Life” so much, too. It is definitely a blues/jazz type of musical style. It was released in 1984 and has been on the market ever since. I know I sound like an advertisement, but it is an album worth listening to.

    Other music I like is Irish country music. My dad is Irish and has passed on a love for music to me. Especially regular country music: and by regular I mean the classics: Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Nancy Griffins, Charlie Pride and other artists.

    Music is in my blood.


    What different/unusual artists do you prefer?

    Any genre!


    To be honest, even if I could sing, I wouldn’t use that ability. I have no skills with stage work and never will. However, I still love going to the cinema and to the theatre a few times a year: I do admire and respect the performers of the world. Mariah Carey has what I don’t in that regard. And pots of money.

    Anyhow, being able to sing doesn’t appeal. I would work behind the scenes, if I were to work in entertainment. The spotlight isn’t for me. What about you?


    Thank you, SpinningJen: a poem doesn’t have to be serious!

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    Mental health problems are incredibly common. I remember I suffered depression as a teenager: and therefore messed up at school. Fortuntely I did still get my qualifications [with a little help]. But I know all about mental health and would NEVER do the same as the woman you’ve posted about, cassandra. I have empathy: not criticism. And you’re absolutely right: her comments were disgusting.

    Mental health needs help and support: not judgement.


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    I would allow – even encourage – any daughter of mine to follow her dreams. And if that means being a cheerleader, so be it! Young people should always be encouraged to follow their heart’s desire and never be stifled. Because dreams CAN come true.

    A wonderful photo. Very beautiful.

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    Thank you, Rachel! I will respond soon.

    cassandra: I have written many poems over the years: most I have discarded. I get my inspiration from my night dreams, the news, religion and just plain imagination. Some are better than others. But I never claimed to be some kind of clever-cloggs, who is the best ever! LOL.

    Anyhow, I love the structure of a poem and experimenting with different styles and formats. I write purely for entertainment and most are not so-so serious. Some are just fun and cheerful. The serious ones do come from problems in my life and emotions that I feel others battle with, too. My poems are there to show what everyone goes through in their lives.

    300 poems are a lot, but I tend to write when inspiration hits, rather than writing and posting random poems that have no soul or meaning. I just write when my muse visits and when I have a message to share.

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    Another poem I wrote: enjoy!

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    I have a lot of sympathy for you both. Being injured is horrible.

    I am sure you’ll both heal within time. Just keep an eye on your wounds and if they get worse, you know what to do: see a doctor. Obvious advice, but worth mentioning.

    Take care, both of you.


    I have put out a bag for a charity. I am glad to help people in need. Because my clothing is in generally good condition. I really feel it worthwhile to give back to people in need.

    It is good that you’re regularly going through your wardrobe, cassandra. Plus, it is therapeutic. Having an organised, clean & tidy home is wonderful and heals the mind, in a sense. Because I have done a lot of cleaning & sorting in my apartment. Not just every now and then, but often, too. I really keep on top of things.

    Good on you, cassandra!

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