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    Spiders DO have every right to be here. They have survived since the dinosaurs. Just think: the dinosaurs were wiped out, whilst spiders never became extinct. That must say something for the value and importance of the regular spider. I won’t handle a very large spider BUT I wouldn’t kill it, either. I’d have it put outside where it was safe and could continue its life. Because – as I’ve said – that spider has every right to be here on earth. And I also much prefer spiders to other bugs.

    I have only respect for the average spider.


    I read this advice book as a teenager and now – as an adult – it really resonates with me. So many situations described in the book have happened to me. And knowing I have the power to change my life for good gives me great hope. Life will never be perfect, or anything like that, but I have hope: and the belief I can make things better for myself.

    I think if an advice book makes you feel that way, you’re reading the right advice book.


    Thank you, SpinningJen!

    I have posted 3 links of my autumn poems in another thread. I hope you enjoy reading them!


    I have gotten up, showered, put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I am drinking my cup of coffee, too. BUT I have to leave soon to go to my sister’s. It’s raining as well, which isn’t great. Still, that is British weather for you.

    Yesterday I read a great Mills & Boon medical romance novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn’t speed-read. Funnily enough, my aunt also loves reading Mills & Boon!

    As I’ve said in another post, have an enjoyable All Hallow’s Eve! Here are a few poems I wrote to celebrate the season of autumn:

    Enjoy my poems!


    Have an enjoyable Hallow’s Eve!


    I have been using my mathematics workbook and love it. My dad is helping me with it and I am picking it up quickly.

    I love mathematics.

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    That cyclist, cassandra, was incredibly dangerous with their stupidity. You must’ve been furious.

    Also – when I  see cyclists without helmets – I want to talk to them about head injuries. Michael – who will always be my best friend – got a severe head injury due to being hit by a  car when on his bike. He had to live with his injuries his whole life.

    ALWAYS wear a helmet: no matter how short the journey.


    Many do believe in the supernatural. Of course we’ll never know or be able to prove the existence of the other side. But it is a subject many talk about and share their spooky stories.

    But I would advise no one play with a ouija board. And NEVER try to summon the devil. If there is a devil the people will end up with nightmares the rest of their life. Plus you wouldn’t want to have a conversation with an alive killer let alone a dead one.

    Use occult practices with respect.


    It has been doing cleaning jobs today. I may put on a DVD later. I am reading a romance novel I borrowed from the library yesterday. I am browsing the Internet this afternoon, as usual. I also shall give myself a manicure and just chill out.


    I have just cleaned the inside of my fridge. I have also cleaned my bedroom side-drawers: I just thought I’d get on with odd jobs today.

    I am cleaning my bathroom and kitchen tomorrow morning. I definitely keep my apartment hygienic.


    Today I did wipe down, clean and hoover my work station. I also wiped down – with anti-bacterial wipes – my TV area and living room small sidetable. I have cleaned the top of the fridge, too. I know that sounds odd, but I have a few items on top of my fridge and I like it dust-free, clean and hygienic: as well as the inside of my fridge being so. Oh: I do also clean and sort my kitchen cupboards and drawers often.

    The windows are open, so a lot of fresh air is getting into my apartment. I have taken out the rubbish, too. I keep on top of the washing up and laundry.

    They’re my cleaning tasks done for the day!

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    Thank you for your advice, Rhonda333. I can understand your love of heels, too.

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    Well, I contacted my housing association and they don’t fund pest control. Which means I shall have to eradicate these spiders and spiderlings myself: and also with my dad’s help. It’ll be an excuse to clean my work station again [which is by the window]. I need to wipe down my work station and hoover the whole area, anyhow.

    I am keeping vigilant. Including with other bugs. I do NOT want my apartment to be bug-central.


    Funnily enough, cassandra, I am getting a new mattress AND bedframe [it’ll be a metal one] in the New Year. It is my dad’s idea. I definitely am looking forward to my new bed!

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    And I am going to make it happen by re-learning my mathematics.

    I write this because my workbook arrived today. I am very much looking forward to sitting down and working on it.

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