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    At last!



    Af last!



    And having to uproot yourself isn’t great or easy.

    I Think that uproot is the most agonizing . My husband and me was have a difficult relation from 20 years. We have a daughter of 17 and son of 12. It’s very hard! After umpteenth quarrel He say me “I have open my eyes and I’m tired out of you!” Ouch!!
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    Ops…I’m sorry for my gaffe…I wasn’t see that I was reading the first page of this topic. Obviously I can’t readed all pages ( I’ll need one month ) but I wont to say that I’m sorry for your friends or relatives now are in sofference. I hope they can to heal🙏

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    Corona virus is a too much controversal topic. The people goes in panic and the scare is most dangerous that virus! Stupid person always looking pretext for make stupid things and the racist for attack someone. Speculator wont take advantage of every situation.

    The political make politica, the media make show and big farma or big holding make money. For us,common people this is too much big!

    I think that we can do the our best for feel good and try don’t become a veicle of covid. We can do usual things but more consciously .To use gloves,  to wear mask, to wash often our hands and make nothing that not necessary.

    During my long lockdown, closed in my house with my son and daughter, I had praied ,eated and loved much…and clean very well my house too .I’m not Giulia Roberts


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    Hi Lilyrae,


    My name is Francesca ,I’m in the forum recently. It’s very enjoy and you will can find many food for thought! I’m italian and I’m learning english lenguage, here because sometimes my english isn’t correct( google traslare fault)

    I’m very clumcy with the social (facebook instagram etc) so my first presentation post is here in the forum in some place😌

    So nice to meet you and other ladies✨

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    I didn’t literally mean ‘showhome’ as being the ideal Kitty, but was using that as an obvious example.

    Yes I think like you SpinningJen that there is a big differece between neglet the own home (or thamselves) or clean all time. Now I ‘m learning english lenguage, this take off my time so today I didn’t have big clean. I don’t worry becouse I clean bit in every day, perhaps my home is a little undity but I’m less stressed

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    I had my hair in every way; very long with clip or hairband, braids or ponytail or backconb like ’60 years😂

    Some time I cut them very short (I haven’t middle ground) but in this way many often  you have to go hairdresser and I don’t like this.

    Now I ‘m 47 years old and the first white hair are coming and also first wrinkles on my face. So if I would have a short cut I have to make up my face for younger look but I don’t always want wear makeup every morning.

    So now I have a very short fringe that I cut by myself; it hides the white hair and gives character to  the shape of the cut.

    They are growing behind so I use a clip for nor to seem like a mop.

    In the morning I make up my eyes only with mascara and my lips with thin lipstik of the right color for my umor. When I get up in the morning and I feel particulary ugly, I give a nice coat of fondation cream


    <!–more–>My doctor didn’t work during lockdown, just phon calls through secretary. Too much doctors and nurses are dead for Corona virus. She was afraid, I suppose.

    In any way I can tell you this:

    my friend Roberta works in emergency room and, tougether her collegues , she has often been accused to letting die while waiting for triage, but now they have become heroes! It seems a paradox that shoud  make us think…


    @kitkatkitty Very nice your new shoes…like the rainbow after storm.

    I like shows too, of corse!

    Unfortunalely, my feet wonts only these confortable

    I like this one👠👠 but they wont this one👟👟😝


    I thought you are american! Are english all ladies?

    In Italy se are heading towords a phase of normalcy.

    Tomorrow finally reopened shops.

    I’m an optician and work in a shopping center. We are ready to work with PPE but I’m little worrenty could wrong something.A lot of people have afraid the covid so I hope they don’t come in the center uselessly.

    We could review our friends with distance 3 ft…better than nothing!

    The greater difficulty is closed school. For many parents that work it’s big problem, despite State aid.

    Many employers don’t hear about parental leave…they need worker!

    Some people are very nervous so them health is under pressure.

    Practicin yoga and following my diet I can stay in equilibrium…sometime😌

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    I’m starting to understand like the forum works, thanks Cassandra.

    To read your comment is for me like open my mind; to see that you and me , unknown at opposite pole of the world, are leaving the same situation is very different that listen to this on the news.

    My son  loves very much her granmather, not  seeing each other for two months was very hard for them .

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    I prefer lipstick because usually lipglosses are sticky, as you say.

    Lipstick matt is ok if it has a brillant colour , type orange or rad,but if it is brown or other dark colours better polished!

    I think so


    I think like you, but I can’t  always  organized as I would  like


    I like green tea or ginger tea.

    It gives me a positive charge to start my day!

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