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    I love wearing my 2 inch micro miniskirt. Its nice and pink and I get horny wearing it, knowing all the boys would see most of my bum cheeks and my shaved pussy. I love my tanktop too, because my 32 o size tits don’t fit in it, and a lot of sideboob and underboob come out, and it doesn’t hide my nipples very well, as they just want to escape! my 4 inch high heels are a favourite too, as well as my specially designed winter coat, made to look like a crop top. good life to be me!


    I love being a girl because:
    I have a pussy and not a dick
    I have a sexy and head-turning body
    All the boys look at me when I walk down the street
    I can make my tits as big as I want (currently 32O bust size, expanded them again 😉 )
    I look a lot nicer when I’m naked
    I can wear very short skirts (my shortest is almost belt like, doesn’t cover my bum at all)
    Girls can wear makeup
    I can wear clothes that are too small, making myself even more sexy


    miniskirts are what I wear almost every day. I go commando with them aswell cos I love the feeling when a boy looks up your skirt and sees your pussy/ass


    I am usually always going commando in public. I have a permanent ankle bracelet on both my legs which are quite thick. Therefore I cannot wear tights or tight jeans, so I often wear micro skirts without any panties underneath, and high heels. This proves to be a problem on cold days, as I am all covered up but bare legged, with the risk of my skirt being blown up by the wind. Since I have a 31M size boobs, no bra can really fit me and I risk showing too much cleavage or even getting a downblouse or excessive underboob.


    I usually don’t shop unless I’ve broken some of my clothes, as I have a 31M size boobs. I don’t really know what I was thinking when I had them done, but my clothes usually break within a month or so of buying them. I buy bigger sizes, but they just look really weird.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)