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    I agree it would be nice to have women’s mags targeted towards those who are single.  A clogged sink won’t fix itself nor can you afford to hire someone every time you need to assemble something or do a quick fix.

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    Trying to get over being sick, failing miserably.🤢😤😷

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    It’s not just women’s magazines…sigh.  In America we have these stupid things called Hallmark Movies which promote unrealistic expectations of what women are supposed to look like and be like if they’re going to find “true love.”  The actresses are all pretty stick figures in makeup and the men are either young and a little goofy but super b…[Read more]

  • Being that I’m single I’d probably want vagina toast.  Wonder if it does the imprint in colors, LOL!!!!!!  That would be cool.

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    Staying positive while watching some vintage TV.

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    Both.  I’m American and have to have my coffee in the morning, strictly standard issue, I very rarely if ever do Starbucks.  I love trying coffees too:  I could drink Pumpkin Spice all year round if they sold it.


    I’m also an Anglophile so I love tea.  I love Earl Grey, Peach Tea, Chai, Raspberry, and just plain Lipton’s.  I prefer loose tea…[Read more]

  • I’ve been single for a long, LONG time.  Strangely enough, I was getting okay with the idea of NOT measuring myself against what everyone else was doing.  I figure  if and when it happens it happens, right?  Great attitude, right?????  Well then reality actually hit me.  I realized that most all of my friends are coupled up or married now.  I can’…[Read more]

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    Taking a much needed Facebook break!!!!!

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  • Neanderthal Meets Human

    This is the book I’m reading now. Usually I’m reading about three at one time but I sometimes need to go back to what’s comforting, and I loved this book and am about ready to read the next installment. Anyway, it’s a smart romance, meaning the main female charecter is not some brainless girl who looks and acts…[Read more]

  • I wouldn’t say it’s unfair. It just is what it is. It kills me when I see parents out with their kids – especially when they don’t seem to actually be caring for them – and it kills me when I see everyone around me dropping kid after kid.

    It just is what it is. You need to find your own way of being ok with it. If you’re not willing to try…

    [Read more]

  • Yeah I have one.

    I prefer geometric patterns to other patterns or actual pictures. I like doing different colours and making secondary patterns with the colour.

    I like to experiment with colors., not necessarily go with the grain. I have two friends that do intricate geometric designs in good quality markers and they look so pretty.…[Read more]

  • I feel your pain. I’m single, too and it doesn’t get any easier. Have a hug and know you’re not alone in this.

    Right now I’m focusing on new interests. As for social media and friends I try not to let their announcements bother me. Valentines Day bugs me, but then i remind myself I can love myself and be okay.

    I’m also feeling better…[Read more]

  • Social media is ever so popular, ..and yes, facebook use among the friendly and no so friendly is thriving. Have you ever been defriended by more than a casual acquaintance? Were you still social with that person or did you hold a grudge?

    I once have been defriended by a college acquaintance over differing political views.…

    [Read more]

  • Thank you Kiwi. I posted a link to the fourm and a friend of mine showed some interest. I hope she’ll think about joining. I like it here. My very first experiences were on message boards and i find it much easier to relate to people in this way than someplace like Facebook or Twitter. Plus, I don’t get harassed here like I have been on…[Read more]

  • I like the Lumineers. Lately I’ve been listening to my friends band who are on tour now, Blind Pilot.

    This is an older Music Video but I still love it and it takes place in Oregon 🙂 where he grew up. Not far from where I used to live.

    Blind Pilot – Go On Say It

    Wow Kiwi, I’m glad to know we have something in common!!!!!! I…[Read more]

  • Ho Hey (The Lumineers)

    I watch and share alot of videos and quirky stuff like old game shows, television programs, cartoons from my chilkdhood, and old, old commercials. It’s fun, but not a daily habit. I have a Blu Ray player connected to wireless that allows me to watch my playlists and search remotely, which is a godsend because my…[Read more]

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    [strong]There Is[/strong]

    There is nothing,
    Only this,
    As we fade into the mist.

    There’s no time,
    Only now,
    As we wander through the crowd.

    There’s no rythm,
    Only beats,
    As we walk across the streets.

    There’s no reason,
    Only rhyme,
    As we mark the ticking time.

    There’s no lyric,
    Only song,
    As we…[Read more]

  • 🙂 Share a link to FF to your social media profiles. The reason I found this place is because I really wanted a community that was female only for the most part. Being single, you get alot of unwelcome and unwanted attention from men and oftentimes people like me are targets for abuse from women who want to start drama.

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