• On my regular days I wear what I feel most comfortable in, I may not change out of my pajamas until midday.  One of the great joys of working from your home office is going to work in your bare feet.

    Sometimes I do have to go into my office, and our dress code is business casual.  Because of my title (vice president) I try to be a bit dressier, s…[Read more]

  • Hello Anna!  I’m so glad you’re feeling welcome so far. 🙂

    I have several transgender women friends, I feel as comfortable around them as I do with other women and I don’t view them as men.  I have one friend who is younger than me, and she’s just starting her transition, she just came out to her parents a few weeks ago.  I’m very glad to be su…[Read more]

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    Where I live, we get winter for like seven months of the year, so I totally enjoy when it’s hot and sunny.  I’m having a warm summer so far this year, and I’m feeling it’s absolutely lovely, but I’m very sorry for anyone suffering.  I couldn’t live without my central airconditioning, I leave my temperature at 78 during the day and I turn it down t…[Read more]

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    Your new style looks lovely Lakey!

  • Mamie replied to the topic usa very scary country in the forum In the News 1 month ago

    I feel sometimes we’re given impressions of things that just aren’t real, you know what I mean?  I feel we’re told the worst about things and we’re supposed to be afraid.  I’ve lived in the United States for almost fifteen years and I honestly have never seen a crime.  I’ve been downtown Chicago by myself, but that’s in daylight and like on Mi…[Read more]

  • Hello Morningmoon,

    I do hope things are working out okay for you and your lover.  I’ve never been in a situation like yours, I’ve always felt I needed a strong emotional connection for sex to have meaning for me, but I respect how you feel differently.  Some things you’ve said about him feel like red flags to me, he reminds me in some small w…[Read more]

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    Hello Krystal, it’s very lovely to meet you.  I know exactly how you’ve been feeling, I’ve been a member at some forums where I was made to feel very uncomfortable by a bit of a regressive male dominating presence.

  • I’m really glad you have equality at your work Jen.  My company is weird, like some areas are very equal, and others are not.  Like our board of directors is half women, and the head of my group is a woman, and some of our teams are mostly women.  My team however is almost all men, except for myself really, and many of my peer groups I work wi…[Read more]

  • Mamie replied to the topic Engaged in the forum Member Announcements 1 month, 1 week ago

    Thank you all so very kindly for your support, that really means a lot to me.

    My parents’ 40th anniversary is coming up in September, and I was going to go by myself for like two weeks, but instead I’m just going to go for the weekend and he’s going to come with me, so that’s when he’s going to meet most of my family.  I hope I won’t be…[Read more]

  • Mamie started the topic Engaged in the forum Member Announcements 1 month, 1 week ago

    My boyfriend asked me to marry him on Friday, and I accepted.  I’m really over the moon right now, I’m so very glad this is happening.  He’s really a wonderful man, we haven’t been dating for a “long time” and some people might disapprove, but we both know this is right.  We’ve had a lot of conversations, we’re very compatible in pretty much ev…[Read more]

  • I do some of these things, some more than others.  I’ve definitely had imaginary conversations in my head about arguments that never happened, I sort of try to work things out.  I do apologize profusely all the time, even when I haven’t done anything wrong, I’m guilty of that more than anything else.  Sometimes I’ll also play with my hair a bi…[Read more]

  • I’ve been playing games all my life, and it’s really weird how men treat you when they find out you’re a woman.  This can really happen when you’re in a game where you need to use voice chat.

    It’s happened to me, suddenly they realize I’m a woman when they hear my voice, and things change fast.  Like sometimes I’ll just get treated like I’m r…[Read more]

  • Hi CurlyCutie!

    I read in our personality thread that you’re extroverted, so a lot of my introvert ideas probably won’t help you.  Maybe you might like joining some sort of activity?  I know my local library has groups that meet regularly for all sorts of things, and I’m pretty sure they’re free.  You can have fun, meet people, and even learn ne…[Read more]

  • Thank you very kindly for sharing your story Rochelle.  So many of us have gone through horrible relationships like yours, we need to share like you’ve done so others can be more aware of those warning signs.  Something I feel that happens to us is somehow he makes us feel like it’s our fault, that we need him more than anything, and only by p…[Read more]

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  • Mamie replied to the topic wearing a girdle in the forum General Chat 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I don’t really wear stockings even, like TestDummy I’ve never worn a girdle I’m afraid.

  • Mamie replied to the topic Father's Day! in the forum Pregnancy & Parenting 2 months ago

    My father lives in a different country, I will call him on Father’s Day.

  • Oh dear, I’m really terribly sorry about your situation with your mother!

    I feel I agree with others, first question has to be does she really want to be helped?

    My own mother is living in abject squalor, her apartment is absolutely filthy, even so much professional cleaners won’t take the job.  She’s been slovenly all her life, and now she’s…[Read more]

  • Mamie replied to the topic How many of you girls grill in the forum General Chat 2 months ago

    I don’t really eat much meat, when I do I normally bake or fry it. I haven’t had a steak in years. I do have a grill but I barely use it. 🙁

  • I am so very glad Rhonda you were able to get accepted into Scotland and rebuild your life!  I remember you said earlier you had reconstructive surgery, I am really saddened by what you’ve had to go through.

    Legal immigration isn’t easy at all, particularly if you’re unskilled and don’t have family here already.  Even if you get on the list you…[Read more]

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