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    @Mamie oh I have had a Narcissistic boyfriend and he changed me big time but i would like to say for the better as after him i realised what i did NOT want in a man. And now i am happily married¬† with a man who respects me and he is still out sleeping with anyone who will give him the time of day, impregnating yet another woman who he is also…[Read more]

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    @SpinningJen, I don’t listen to radio much but I sometimes listen to Kerrang! Radio..

    @Mamie, I’ve attempted to build Hogwarts on Minecraft but it’s a good game, what console did you get Minecraft for? Games that I play are listed below:

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

    Lego Harry Potter Collection

    Call Of Duty WWII

    Sniper…[Read more]