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    Where I work in customer service I can tell you that I too have experienced bad situations. However….it’s not always their fault. Sometimes customers are jerks. It’s still no excuse. I’m not perfect. On a bad day I’ve succumbed to bad behavior. I think some folks need lessons on how to treat staff in the customer service business. If you treat them like crap they’ll treat you the same. But a lot of times we don’t deserve the rudeness.

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    that’s what i like about art. i think it’s amazing that they have a way to express this that is non-violent. i don’t think they should give people ideas that it’s ok to go shoot someone but i can understand them expressing their outrage at the situation or depending on what the art is about. i like to combine images and music to express a sentiment when i blog.

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    nope. don’t like having the bejeezes scared out of me. i prefer comedies.

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    I think the dimensions were too large. The previous setting was 100×100 pixels. I’ve increased this to 150×150 pixels. Give it another try.

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!



    i’m up. i’m having coffee. also have wash to do. thinking about working out today. maybe.


    i guess i don’t remember it being that bad. the forms i hate are at the drs office.


    toad in the hole today

    actually didn’t eat much all day, so cleared the plate

    what is toad in the hole?


    I also received one either yesterday or day before. So far so good.


    {{Warm hug for Lake District}}


    I’ll take #2 cuz I have no life and I’m used to being unhappy. Only difference is I’d have spending money honey! :oD


    Pizza and salad


    I still have CDs. I don’t know how many because I haven’t counted. I mostly listen to them in the van now.


    Thank you but no it’s not my real name. It’s a variation of it.


    forms for what?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)