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    Hi Cassandra, I like Jen do not sell things online as things can be awkward with some people, although the comments and requests you have had  do seem over the top. There are indeed strange people about.


    The nice weather so I caught up with all the washing lol.




    My mother’s name Kitty


    Potato pie, ( mashed potato with grated cheese and marmite ) baked in the oven and eaten with peas and crusty bread. Yummy


    I have quite a few as I like something tangible not something on the ether if you know what I mean. We have recently bought a very good system to play them on and wow a whole new experience, on Adele’s last disc you can actually hear her breathe in between verses.


    How about Narissa


    I to love Autumn, going for romantic walks among the fallen leaves. Watching those gorgeous sunsets and long Winter evenings cuddled up on the settee.


    Ah that is difficult but Gwendaline comes to mind.


    I love magazines especially the cookery items as I like to experiment, I find the fashion items are mega expensive but I suppose they just show you what is in fashion at the moment.


    I love the wind as long as it is not raining, especially by the sea it is moody and magnificent.


    Surely cheese and onion toasties Kitty..


    My car is quite old now but from time to time I get audible warnings about things usually when I am driving and go into panic mode as the sun is shining on my speedo and cannot see the warnings lights that go with the sound. It is usually something minor that goes away when you turn the ignition off and back on again. Sometimes cars are just to overcomplicated for simple me.


    Hi, a bit  late but a warm welcome from me too Lilyrae.


    When I was younger and cars were simpler I did do a spot of maintenance and of course my cars were older then as well so they always going wrong. Today cars are well made a pretty reliable, like most ladies I do not like getting hands dirty now or breaking nails, I hate it if a man has dirty hands and nails let alone a woman. I keep a pair of gloves in the car and something to put on the ground if I get stuck with a puncture but I have a sealer spray and a foot pump that will re-inflate the tyre in an emergency.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 660 total)