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    My car is quite old now but from time to time I get audible warnings about things usually when I am driving and go into panic mode as the sun is shining on my speedo and cannot see the warnings lights that go with the sound. It is usually something minor that goes away when you turn the ignition off and back on again. Sometimes cars are just to overcomplicated for simple me.

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    Hi, a bit  late but a warm welcome from me too Lilyrae.

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    When I was younger and cars were simpler I did do a spot of maintenance and of course my cars were older then as well so they always going wrong. Today cars are well made a pretty reliable, like most ladies I do not like getting hands dirty now or breaking nails, I hate it if a man has dirty hands and nails let alone a woman. I keep a pair of gloves in the car and something to put on the ground if I get stuck with a puncture but I have a sealer spray and a foot pump that will re-inflate the tyre in an emergency.

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    I do have some flats but love wearing 3 inch heels as I think my legs look better and longer lol.

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    I am with you Rowena when it comes to ironing, I just hate it but most of our clothes are polycotton and hanging them out makes all the creases go.

    I clean quite a bit in our house especially the kitchen, I am obsessed about not having stuff on the worktops except for a kettle and the bread bin. The kitchen is units etc are white with black speckled worktops and I use shades of purple for the tea towels, blind and some accessories to give a spot of colour. The advantage of this is you can change the colour without getting new units for variety.

    We decorated our house really well but I find it annoying that black stuff gets in all the corners of window sills and skirting boards, I have to get an old toothbrush and clean them often. It upsets me sometimes that I am too fussy but I do like things nice clean and tidy.


    An interesting topic, I think that we ladies are more touchy feely than men and I  suppose that can come over with certain girls that we are interested in something more than friendship. I think Cassandra has hit the right note here, be clear but gentle with the woman but say hopefully you can still be friends.


    I think we develop a good routine that suits us and just go with it as much as we can if we have the time. If I am rushed my anti wrinkle creams are a must underneath my make up and I skimp a bit on that if I am really in a hurry. Sun protector is vital the older you get if only to protect  your face in its present state.

    I like to look well turned out and wear a nice dress or skirt as much as possible despite hubby telling me I show him up lol.

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    We should all be vigilant, I don’t do any banking online but check our accounts. You should always make sure you log off when leaving your bank as that can be a gateway for the criminals too.

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    I have a similar routine to Kitty and yes healthy food helps as well, my only gripe or should that be my man’s is that I take too long. Funny how that did not matter when he was courting me lol.


    You and me both Kitty, I have loads of tops and a severe shortage of skirts but will be rectifying that soon lol.

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    Hi Rowena, I totally agree with you some ladies do look at us if we wear a pretty dress or skirt as if we are somehow showing them up. It is a funny world lol.


    You should bite the bullet and dump her it will be easier for you in the long run.

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    I badly needed a haircut but have a friend who does it part time, however she had stopped because of the lockdown. Only today though she came out to me and cut my hair outside after I had washed it and it was still wet. She also wore a face mask and a visor, I think she had looked at recommendations online.

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    Well what an interesting post, I love dresses but yes most ladies I see now wear leggings or jeans during the day. Anyone who wears a dress can stand out get lots of looks.

    I find wearing a dress or skirt makes me put on my best knickers and bras as I feel more feminine doing that, plus on a hot Summers’ day a flowing skirt or dress is so cooling for the legs lol.

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    I agree lipstick does show off your teeth to good effect, I shall try that RIMMEL one of a kind as well.

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