• Naomi posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Ladies next!

    Taken from my very favorite book The Way Home or Face The Fire 13:89 Come on you silent FEMININE majority, speak-up, and help your man to put things right. Say that you want to be treated like LADIES, with love and respect, and courtesy. Tell your manly, liberated sisters, that you do NOT AGREE with them, and to stop spoiling everything for you, and, thereby, make them back-down. 13:90 If women’s liberation is right, why then; as well as it having been responsible for creating all the innumerable social-problems, that have come with the breakdown of the family-unit and society; are women suffering, from stress, with more and more young girls and women smoking; becoming alcoholics, or tranquilizing and hard drug-addicts; having nervous-breakdowns, and committing suicide? It is happening, because these women have been put into a position, where they are trying to do, and be, something that they were not intended to do, and are not ready for, or equipped to cope with. 13:91 Today everything is sex. What ever happened to LOVE, and tender loving care? You can keep sex. I will choose tender loving care, every time.

    Amen to that one.