• Abends,

    Ist ein Teil meines Hintergrunds preu’S’isch obwohl polnisch mir nie die Sprache beigebracht wurde, also habe ich etwas Niederl’a’ndisch gelernt und Deutsch gelernt also ist ‘U’bersetzen gut f’u’ mich

    So ist in German  so do long hand translate  and you can learn better and ist some good teaching forum,s i,m on 3 ,   so in german my …[Read more]

  • Evening .

    Makeup. comes down to just two things   just lippy and eyebrow liner    , as i have no eye brow,s due to being burnt when very young  more so on my right side of face,  i still have a scare   , some times and most day,s i  am just what you see after a wash  so no makeup  , i,m not really bothered , when i go out then yes  just as i s…[Read more]

  • Evening ,

    I would like to point out from a builders point of view , i have laid timber floor,s lovely to behold and after putting them down and nailing them then punch the nails in putty the nail holes and then on with the coatings to keep them nice and easy to clean ,i took pride in what i did , so you can see how i feel about some one trotting…[Read more]

  • Evening ,

    Thank you  KitKatKitty.

    I quess  I have never seen the dance hall or any i attend   as romantic, i spend my time learning the many different dance,s ,  we have 5000 on our list  if i get 100 right with out mistakes i,ll be doing very well, most of the time i dance with Pam and we have contact with one guy in Auckland and hopef…[Read more]

  • Evening,

    I quess for myself its about having things incommon and i do have a large range to talk about a few men are my dance partner,s and women as well we go to many dance evenings  allmost all the time is with my dance partner  Pam we travel around the south island a lot and will be going and looking at a few place,s north of us in Nelson a…[Read more]

  • Evening ,

    Gee am i missing all the fun  so many wonting friendship.s ,,,,and after ,   gone, on one forum i,m on they are trying to jam up the forum  and use a system to block other,s who are real from using  our forum the numbers are in the 1000,s  so be aware  not just the scammer,s are at it,


  • HI.

    Real life here been through it lived it and came out of it,

    and not just a once only .

    Life for Mom and i  in the  1940,s  then 1950,s , remember i was born 1947. depression time,s  we had a home a short time though it was so Mom took border,s in to help.i dont remember much during those times as you know,  so comes down to photo,s i have…[Read more]

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    yes was down and is inline with other forums and  some times the server,s have a time out as well due to weather issue,s as we would say sunspots going on . any way all good here,


  • Evening ,

    Next part , this is only what women can understand .

    Born with out my womb,and sexual organ,s , i knew i would never be able to have and carry my own child or children  i allso knew sexually this was going to be an issue  from age 11 0n , it did not interest me at all till age 24 well age 23 i quess, i had a few friends who were g…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    Oh Heck….

    Being born different made things in some ways harder, first 10 years of my life was not normal  , i spent a lot of time in the sick house, was never told why, up to age  5  was burnt right side of face,  and  till age 10 i have so little memory so i relied on Mom to tell me things so i dont know wether i saw things or Mom told…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    Yes was last answered in March 2019.

    Wow. and not impressed ,

    i have Maori friends and over the years some from our Island.s    allso had  a girl friend   African /Negro  and english,   one who is a mix of Indian Irish and other, and other,s who are different , they all are …MY…friends, and my background is  Prussian = German /Scottis…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    Just to add an other little detail some like more  than just a few being poly and what that includes  i had to learn some about it and to me is more about sex , the men dont wont children thats a no no to them its total all about sex and nothing else matter,s at all ,

    i know whats going on with one guy and his friends and i have many c…[Read more]

  • Hi.

    Thank You.

    There is one detail i left out apart from not telling the other,s  was when i was near the open way in i looked around to check no one was there and looked down as well just how it was when we started up the fire escape, being what i,m like i allways check every thing out just to make total sure,and just to make double sure  t…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    I would rather be told the truth  and know the truth about myself  ,i may ? the details and think oh have i got the subject matter wrong or i,m doing some thing wrong or am i such a prat  = idiot,

    The issue for myself is do i really know whats going …on… did i really see what… happened …

    Any way i try hard to get the fact,s

    from ag…[Read more]

  • Hi.

    Regardless of how people think or what they belive in or not , the detail of why are we here on this earth is a long debated issue , what we need to remember is being on this earth is not the sum total of our life,and when we pass on is not the end our spirit will be safe every person ever born ,


    so the thought is about some of us…[Read more]

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    Yes i had worked out a few other details i knew , i quess for myself and doing care work i see things more,

    Thank you for that.

    I am wary of some meds as they do have other detail with them that can do more harm  against not taking them is to know what can work and no side issue,s  you know your body and you have to work with that .

    I e…[Read more]

  • noeleena replied to the topic Keeping fit. in the forum Health & Diet 6 months ago

    Hi.or good evening .

    Interesting . i am wondering why many women are having issues with back knee,s and ankle okay i,m 72 and a few women friends are having knee and ankle detail one is my dance partner and i work with her and allways out at dancing some 3 and 4 times a week, she is younger than i late 60,s i know what she worked at and see some…[Read more]

  • Hi, .

    We our dance group has come together again so last night just 15 of us so i was dancing with 3  men druing the evening and my women friend as  we do go out a lot to the different dance,s, one guy is a Ball room dancer and he danced with his friend who allso is Ballroom and My friend Pam and 3 other,s get to dance with him, so is a lot of f…[Read more]

  • HI .

    I have nothing to hide and when talking to guy,s on and now very  few forums i,m up front honest and to the point and my friends know this  plus i,m not prepared to be what i,m not.

    Chemistry ,   interesting word,  sexy, turned on . . what am i looking for in a guy, some one to be with have on my team working for me  , my crew of 5 of us wo…[Read more]

  • Hi.

    This has been an issue for myself plus being around men  and of cause my background  compounded this.  i dont count myself sexual enough  to be that good sexually with a guy  more the point is men would be very bored with me i quess what im saying is i,m not good enough sexually with men so to go out with  some one i dont know it would scare…[Read more]

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