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    That’s wonderful! It’s good to find something you’re passionate about. I love being creative, too.

    What type of creative things do you like to do?



    That’s wonderful! It’s good to find something you’re passionate about. I love being creative, too.

    You will have a pretty hard time at the moment, with the #BeastFromTheEast


    Well I’m sorry NRO70315- I didn’t mean to provoke you. Its just that on this website we are pretty frank with each other. That’s a good thing really- it means you can always count on an honest opinion from us. Same with my post on your child’s name badge. I didn’t mean to hurt you- just expressing my honest opinion.

    I see how frank people are on here, I too apologise, but I think it’s just my anxiety that gets to me on personal topics you know! I think my problem is, I have been sh*tted on way too many times from so called friends and I handle things the wrong way sometimes.


    I accept your apology Rhonda333 and I am sorry to hear of your experience and I’m glad you could re invent yourselves.  As adults we learn to cope with the good and bad in our own way, but when it comes to a child (an innocent child) who’s biological father has been out of her life since she was 10 months old (shes 10 in May 2018) and who never bothered with her full stop from birth to 10 months….It’s hard for her to ingest and for that, them making that mistake and not checking, it’s opening a huge can of worms!


    You are right to be angry. They should have taken those suggestions on board. I don’t have any advice, unfortunately, but I hope things work out.

    I think I’m more angry at the fact they got the daughters name wrong, yes it’s her biological name but I hadn’t told her the full extent of her real heritage, considering I got abused by her biological father, I don’t think it’s right letting her know that at 9 year old!  It would of opened a huge can of worms.


    A lovely idea! Something as a momento, far better than a photo as well.

    Exactly and something that always brings a smile to my face when I take them out the wedding momento box!


    That’s a neat idea. I would have never thought of that.

    Well you see, we may have money, but we don’t flaunt it like a lot of people! I didn’t fancy the massive do at a posh hotel or an expensive dress and flowers, I was marrying my best friend and not all the above. I turned to YouTube and thought I would have a go at making a rose, turned out it was so easy and then I just got hooked after that lol


    This is my second biggest achievement, my first was my wedding flowers


    Your not the only one, a lot of my craft friends, say the same thing (those that are knitters!)  and thank you!

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    Recently watched The Greatest Showman at the cinemas, absolutely brilliant, feel good musical film.  Highly recommended!


    Welcome to the forum,

    I, myself have recently joined! Still finding my feet, as I’m sure you are too!

    I look forward to seeing you around and chat with you soon.

    Nikki x


    @ NR070315 I def think you have a point. I also believe in some ways social media has caused us to become unhappy and a lot more people have developed depression and anxiety in the last several years because with facebook and other sites we compare ourselves to other people so much (especially women!) I also have an addiction with facebook, even though I could go a week or longer without posting anything, I still login and look at my acct and newsfeed, multiple times during the day. Even at work, they let us search anywhere on the computer, so it’s one of the first things I do out of habit in the mornings at work. I’ve deactivated my facebook page for about a week or so a few years ago, but it keeps other apps I have from working. That’s the only way I’ll stay off it though is if its deactivated. And I agree all this time I spend online and on social media I could be reading a book or working out more. Longing to read a book I could have been done with a long time ago! However, I’m trying to do instagram and an app called Lyf more where you can vent on there and no one really knows you. But the same goes for instagram, snapchat, other sites and apps I’m obsessed with it takes up so much of my time. I’m cheering you on to make it to 30 days! 🙂

    Thank you!

    I mean, you have all these people out there, that are like, well get out there, go out for coffee with friends, go to the cinema, library, go shopping etc, which is all good and dandy however when you have three small children, the only way of transport to do these things (while living in a rural area) is a bus and it’s £7.30 return for an adult and £4.20 return per child, so overall that’s £19.90 before you have even got to places etc.

    Plus I found it easier to stay in touch with my friends on social media (as my friends are darted around the country), but at times it can be rather depressing as you stated about people comparing what they do etc and yes it can get you down, hence why I decided to come off.  Plus I don’t have any friends offline local.

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    Yeah well when you don’t drive and are a little isolated, they can be a bonus, to stay in touch with friends from back home, look I was only posting about it, why do I feel like this is the second post you have had a go at me


    It does sound like you are making a really big deal over a trivial item. Wrong last name? Get over it.

    With all due respect, I will not get over it! To cut a long story short, I fled domestic violence, what would of happened had I not been honest with my daughter about her biological heritage, it would of opened a huge can of worms for her and she’s already going through the puberty stage at the age of 9, emotions for her are all over!


    Since I last logged on, I have quit the PTA and they weren’t happy about it, or so they said, however, it’s funny how 2 days after I quit they had 4-6 new members…..More fool the newbies though!

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