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    • My mum knew this man as a friend for year’s and my mum and him used to go clubbing a lot and they stopped doing that my mum and him started going to cafes and then my mum started bringing round to the house but he started acting oddly towards me he had to pull me on to his knee and kiss me on the cheek and get lots of photos of me and talk about…[Read more]

      • Years ago my mum my brother and me went to a till in a supermarket and this man made a odd comment about my make up and the next time when we were in he smiled at me and after that he would wink at me a lot but when he ignored me I would get upset so my mum started talking to this man to get his attention for me and this went on for a long time…[Read more]

        • My mum and my dad split up in 1999 but when he was with my mum he attacked her all the time and smashed things up all he time and he would wear my mum’s clothing and wank off on it and wear tampons and he would go to bed in women’s clothing and tampons and he would hide his filfy tampons underneath things and he was a drug user and a alcoholic and…[Read more]