• I have my own style too, I wear things I just like.

    During the summer, I like knit capris and jean shorts, with crew neck tees or sleeveless tops.  I also like pencil skirts, but I prefer stretchy ones that still let me move.   I pretty much only wear sandals during warm months (it’s a lot hotter here than England!), so I try to choose things th…[Read more]

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    Those dating ones are awful … another one people do is get you to fall in love with them, then they need $2000 to fly over to come be with you. It’s a total scam. Definitely never give your money to someone you don’t know, unless it’s a small amount. I’ve given a few hundred here or there to people I felt really needed help.

    For those lottery…[Read more]

  • I think when they can understand what you are saying you should instill in your children what healthy food is and as someone said a treat at weekends would help. The fact that hubby and I are both slim and eat healthy food means they have some bench mark to guide them in their food choices. Plus plenty of exercise of course like dog walking and …[Read more]

  • you should wear what you think is appropriate and not worry what others think. no matter what you wear there will be likers and haters. dress to impress is my motto

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    we are a group of helpful women of various ages, morals and experiences that love to guide our peers through problems and life questions. I am sure we will give you meaningful answers to your concerns from our different perspectives

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    I love just a clear polish on my finger nails, over a base coat.  I love how they look so shiny, but also feel stronger and smoother, and just look cleaner too.

    I looove this feeling of lip-plumping gloss (getting that wonderful tingling in my lips right now!)

  • Mamie replied to the topic Are You Happy? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    I’m recently married and right now I’m still on my honeymoon high.

    I feel I’m generally happy … I enjoy my life, and I’m glad to have money and to own my own house.  I’m glad I look young and pretty, I like trying out new fashion.  I really enjoy baking and listening to music, and I’m glad to have my freedom and my independence.

    I’ve had t…[Read more]

  • Cassandra, it sounds like you need to use a nice fabric softener!

    I’ve always used a dryer, but mine is gas powered instead of electric, and it works really well.  I’ve never worried about leaving my house while it’s running, that sounds strange to me, lol!

    I do at least one load of laundry every day, for clothes and towels (I don’t like using…[Read more]

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    I hate social media, people are so horrible on there.  I don’t participate with any of those things, because I get hurt really easily and don’t do well with being yelled at.

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    I’m so sorry for your pain Lake District, I hope your doctor’s able to find out what’s causing it and can get it fixed for you.  Oh dear, you really need to wait months for an ultrasound?? 🙁

  • Mamie replied to the topic Optimism or naïvety? in the forum Health & Diet 1 month ago

    Ugh, I’ve met so many men who call pessimism “realism” … I don’t know why, but I feel the male species is very cynical by nature but they like to try rationalizing everything.  Men are highly emotional and irrational, but like to think they’re governed by logic, and tend to put down people who look at things in a happy way.  I’ve been called “…[Read more]

  • Mamie replied to the topic Do You Love Your Sleep? in the forum Health & Diet 1 month ago

    Oh dear Cassandra, I’m so sorry your neighbors are so inconsiderate!

    I’m a very fussy sleeper, things have to be perfect.  I can’t have any imperfections in my mattress, and my sheets have to be just right.  I need it to be cool (thank goodness for central air conditioning!), and I can’t have any lights on.  I also have to have my ceiling fan go…[Read more]

  • Mamie replied to the topic Time: Love or Hate? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    I’m sorry you had a fight with your sister Kitty … but I must admit I’m terribly confused, lol!  Why was your using the washing machine such a horrible thing?  I feel like I’m missing something 🙁

    I hate time, I feel like I’m a slave to the clock.  I don’t want to have to do things at certain times or in a certain order, I’d like to be able to…[Read more]

  • I hate working, I’d love to quit.  But my job is comfortable and I make good money, and it’s mostly easy for me so I keep doing it, lol.  I could probably quit now that I’m married and we’d get by, but I get paid a very good salary and I just wouldn’t want to give that up.  I get to work from home at least, and I really only work like 10-15 ho…[Read more]

  • I believe in God, as in I believe God created the universe and is part of us, and that our mortal lives aren’t the totality of our existence.  My personal belief is that the universe is God and is self aware and eternal, and there’s only one consciousness energy and each of us is like a leaf on a single tree.

    I don’t believe in supernatural…[Read more]

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  • I agree with Jen we can all be reasonably good at most things if we practice, except I am totally useless at music. My mother had me do piano lessons at school, but as soon as I learned one part and moved on to the next I  forgot the first bit silly me. Like Jen art is my thing but I can cook a mean dinner if I do say so.

  • Exactly Jen, all my close friends are school friends, my ” loose friends” stay that way.

  • Hi Cassandra, does white vinegar really make your clothes and especially towels soft and their is no smell of vinegar on them?

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