• Spring is my favorite season … I like when the weather’s getting a bit warmer, the days are getting longer, and life is growing all around you.  Fall goes by too quickly here, and you know winter is coming right around the corner.  I don’t hate winter, but there’s so much snow here you can often feel trapped, it’s too dangerous to just go out a…[Read more]

  • Mamie replied to the topic Do You Use The Bus? in the forum General Chat 1 day, 14 hours ago

    I’m not really a fan of taking a bus.  I like my privacy in my car, and like to listen to my music and such.  I feel safer, and also I have more convenience since I can get where I’m going quicker, and I can transport things if I need to.  I also don’t like how busses confuse me, and I hate having to change at different stops to get where I’m tr…[Read more]

  • Mamie replied to the topic Selfies in the forum General Chat 5 days, 9 hours ago

    I’m feeling cute AF today, sorry for so many pictures.  I’m just feeling so happy and confident with my appearance lately.

  • Mamie replied to the topic Seriously Ill Today in the forum Health & Diet 5 days, 9 hours ago

    I’m glad you’re going to see a doctor Kitty, but oh dear you really have to wait a long time! Whatever’s going on, I do hope they can figure it out and get everything taken care of for you.

  • I bought the CD for the Phantom of the Opera.  I’ve been obsessed lately.

  • I’m going to start just blocking them, especially the repeat ones who clearly are trolls and hecklers.  I just really can’t understand it … I imagine it’d be like if I went to a community for African Americans and started trolling them.  These guys really, really must be sad 🙁

  • I’m glad to hear about your furbaby, Cassandra! 🙂

  • Emma, welcome and it’s so wonderful you’re interested in science!  Way to go, girl! 🙂

    My suggestion would be to talk to the head of your school’s science department.  She will likely have these answers for you, and also will know a lot specifically for your area.

    Good luck, I hope you make it 🙂

  • This drives me crazy.  I’m part of a few feminist newsgroups, and these guys keep coming in to heckle peoples’ posts.

    I don’t understand what motivates them to do this.  How sad does a guy have to be to do something like this?  Some of them are just truly awful, I read a post this morning from a guy saying how happy it makes him feel to know th…[Read more]

  • If you go to that company’s website, they’ll probably have a reviews section.  Also I’ve found Google often works really well to find alternatives.  I’ve never owned a business, but I know Staples is often popular for office furniture.

    I wish the best of luck to you with your startup 🙂

  • Mamie replied to the topic Selfies in the forum General Chat 1 week, 1 day ago

    You’re all too kind, thank you.

    I’ve long felt like my face was not camera-worthy, and I avoided letting my photo be taken.  I’m sorry to hear about your facial nerve, but I’m sure you’re still really beautiful <3

  • Mamie replied to the topic Seriously Ill Today in the forum Health & Diet 1 week, 1 day ago

    Do you think you could have influenza?

    I was sick a few weeks ago like that, but I had a sinus infection.  Does your head feel like it’s going to explode?  I couldn’t eat for two days until my antibiotics started working.  One night I was freezing so bad, I was shaking from shivers and I thought I was going to break my teeth.

    I hope you feel be…[Read more]

  • Mamie replied to the topic Selfies in the forum General Chat 1 week, 2 days ago

    Jen, I feel like I need a hundred photos to get a halfway decent one. And I need a hindred of those to get a nice one.

    lol I’m exaggerating (just a little), but I do nonetheless have quite a massive collection of truly awful photos XD

  • Mamie replied to the topic Selfies in the forum General Chat 1 week, 3 days ago

    Me yesterday after getting a facial at my spa (my hair was crazy, I did the best I could in the ladies’ room)

    I took this one today, I don’t know why but I just felt like it.

    This is what I’m using for my profile picture.  I’ve also made it my corporate picture at work.

  • Oh my, I’m so terribly sorry Lake District.  How can they make you wait so long?  That’s unbelievable, I’m just so blown away about that.

  • Thank you, I’m sorry I was just feeling overwhelmed with emotion earlier lol.

  • … or else we’ll end up like in the latest Doctor Who episode XD

  • I’m deeply, madly, heels-over-head in love.

    OMG I don’t know what to do with myself sometimes.  I’ve never been this happy in my life.  Every time I think of him, I get this feeling starting in my chest that radiates throughout my whole body, to my fingertips and toes.  When he holds me, I get that feeling over and over and over, like my brain is…[Read more]

  • I heard you’re closer to being homeless than a billionaire.

    I’ll admit I’m a sucker for improving my lifestyle.  I’m about to spend $300 for a morning at the spa.  I have too much jewelry, too many pairs of shoes and boots, and too many articles of clothing I’ve only worn once.

    But whatever, it makes me feel good, and what’s the point of l…[Read more]

  • I’m so sorry Lake District, I hope you’re able to get taken care of soon 🙁

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