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    First and foremost, thank you for sharing and being so real about your concerns. I am 21 years old and I am a junior in college so I can relate to you in that aspect. Before I go on, if you would like any additional help or need someone to talk to on a more personal level, please message me so that we can get in contact as this is an issue I see every single day.

    My best friend has similar thoughts. She is very judgmental of her own body and needs to post pictures to feel the attention to make her feel like her body is appreciated. But lets get real here…

    Comparing yourself to the women of todays society is wrong. For many reason. Sadly, half the girls are fake. They have fake boobs, a fake butt, a fake face. Now i am NOT shaming them in any way, they can do whatever they please, but keep in mind more often than not, they do those things because they are unhappy with themselves too.

    To be honest, a real man likes a natural woman. It is MORE attractive when a female is confident in her natural self and shows that she loves herself for who she is. Which is how we all should be. For being your age and height, your weight sounds fantastic and I am sure you have a killer body! If you are unhappy with the look of your body , you can always workout and eat healthier and maybe track that journey through social media. But the key here, is to be HEALTHY. Not to appeal to others.

    This is your body, you should respect and love it in many ways, after all, only YOU have the body you do and nobody else has the same look.

    I think the reason you post nudes, may be to gain attention, therefore, you are seeking the love and appreciation from OTHERs instead of being happy with yourself.

    There are many natural ways to change what you do not like, but beauty and happiness comes WITHIN. I think you could benefit from practicing loving yourself in different ways. Every day when you go to the mirror compliment yourself on something you DO like about yourself. Do not hate on yourself in any way and try to eliminate those thoughts. Focus on what you do like and stick to that.

    It seems to me that you are only allowing others to dictate how you feel about yourself. That is not the right way to go about it. I have struggled with this myself, TRUST ME. Who are these people to you? You do not know them, they could just be creeps! I think spending more time to yourself, posting less, focusing on your inner health and beauty will help you more than going towards social media platforms to dictate how you feel.

    You are beautiful, and amazing, and you should not allow a number of likes and outreaches to make you feel less pretty.

    Please message me if you would like to talk more, as I have my own journey and my best friend was the same way.

    Take care girl, its a process that MANY people struggle with, take it one day at a time and sooner or later you will learn to love yourself and respect and appreciate your body.

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    Thank you so much for sharing that great insight! I am 21 years old and it has been about 3 weeks since I have gotten the implant inserted in my arm. I did go through about 2-3 days at first where I got very depressed and would cry as well for no reason. However, at week 3, I no longer have mood swings, and I have no other symptoms yet. No period and no spotting of any kind, nor any weight gain.

    I guess it affects people differently. I am sorry to hear your daughter is regretting it, and I have read many other people not liking it as well. I guess the good side to it, is that you can always have it removed.

    Thank you once again and I will keep all of your information in mind through my experience.


    That was absurd of her! I would say at this point, if she does not admit to your son that she is cheating, then I would talk to your son. That is no reason to cheat on someone and if she cared for Brandon’s feelings at all, she would leave him.


    Well this post attracted my attention as my name is Rochelle and ironically my boyfriend’s name is Tracy! But understanding your concern clearly, I think it is best as others said to let your son’s girlfriend know that you are aware of what is going on. You clearly care for your son’s well being and emotions therefore, I think something should be said however, I would go to the girlfriend and not to your son. Possibly by sharing with her that you are aware may scare her into thinking you will tell your son and hopefully, she will handle the situation. Talking to your son may make him angry and think that you are trying to break them up and he may distance himself from you when that is not what you want. Talking to her would not only be a smart move to protect your son, but also would show respect on your part by giving her a chance to come clean but also as bunnyhabit19 said, show her that you are his mother and you will do what is right for your son. I am so sorry to hear that your son is being treated this way, and I wish the best for him in the situation!

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    Unfortunately, I do not read poetry although, I think that poetry is amazing and I really should dive into some. Any suggestions?


    TestDummyCO, funny right? Even funnier, when we do sleep together, he takes the body pillow because he loves having it between his legs! Looks like a funny girl when he does it and not to mention he is a 6’4 basketball player too!


    None of mine are from childhood too as one of them I dropped off a 19 story building, very sad 🙁 and the other was just ruined over time. My current teddy bear was gifted to me by my boyfriend! However, my new favorite thing to cuddle is my amazing body pillow from Costco!


    SpinningJen, I do have a teddy bear… yes even at 20 years old haha! I have been sleeping with once ever since I was a baby and have no shame! My teddy bear’s name has always been Mimi! Just a childhood name and I never changed it!

    Bunnyhabit19, as far as goals for the future, professionally, I would like work in marketing at a healthcare or pharmaceutical company as my current major in school is pharm marketing and I have a marketing internship with a large healthcare company at the moment! Personally, I would simply like to become an overall bigger hearted person. Being 20 years old at the moment I still find myself judging others at times and being selfish when I shouldn’t be. My goal is to become a kinder more loving person that just does more good with her life than bad! Relationships… I am currently in a relationship with a guy from my college and we have been together for 2 years now. I have had a total of 4 boyfriends my entire life, and what matters most to me is personality. I can say I did used to look into appearance more than anything but that sadly only resulted in me meeting the worst guys ever who treated me horribly haha. Therefore, now I think that a kind heart and a true warming personality will matter the most in the long run!

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    Thank you for sharing this story and I am sorry to hear that you are going through this! I myself can relate to the situation as I was best friends with a guy pretty much my entire life and him and I were very close yet never felt anything more than a best-friend/brother-sister bond. I later dated a guy who was very into me and became rather controlling over not only my friends, but my looks and activities as well. Unfortunately, as bad as it sounds, it is easier to fall into toxic relationships and become foggy on the outside and true reality of things. Some partners can be very manipulative without the other partner even noticing. Perhaps she may be concerned that he may feel some kind of way towards you or that your physical appearance looms over her and therefore, she feels the need to push you away. On her part this is VERY wrong. She may be his fiancé and his lover, however, a true good person who really cares for his well-being would and should understand the importance of friendships.


    In my opinion, she should not push you away or control him in distancing himself from you, as I am MORE than sure, you have been there for him, impacted his life in many ways, and there is no doubt that you mean something special to him! As you mentioned he is passive, this is a HUGE concern as I was passive myself and fell into a toxic relationship of the same sort. Luckily for me, the relationship ended (very badly) however, I learned to NEVER throw aside your true friends because at the end of the day, they will always be there for you and to throw away years of memories is NOT the way to go.


    I think you have every right to be concerned and upset for sure. You however, can only do so much. I think it would be appropriate for you to reach out maybe in a form where she cannot see such as email or so, and ask him to meet up with you simply to discuss the situation. The rest will be up to him. If he truly values your friendship and you as a person, I hope he will agree and from there you can simply discuss how you feel you are being treated, and ask him to explain what he wishes to do. I would try to refrain from criticizing his partner or even hinting at the fact that he is more than likely in a toxic relationship, as passive individuals in toxic relationships only deny deny deny and may get more upset with you.

    I hope that he comes to his senses and is able to man up and explain to her your friendship and its importance  to him. Be strong and I pray that your friendship with him is able to return back to its old ways!

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    Tea girl! Although I do enjoy the occasional hot morning coffee on a crisp chilly day, I find that the caffeine does me a little dirty! Coffee for me goes like this… (sips)… (yummy)….(BATHROOM)….(slight anxiety)! I do however, enjoy my tea for sure. I am a huge fan of fruity and herbal teas! I have found that drinking several cups of herbal tea a day while I am sick, helps me to recover in no time!

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    I can relate to the fear! Nothing as serious of course, but I recently heard that my one guy friend went to Philadelphia in a decent area I must mention, and was walking around with friends. Two men approached my friend and asked him to use his phone so he allowed them to but made sure to stay close. Next thing my friend noticed, was the stranger pushed my friend back and pointed a gun at him and ran away with his phone. Thankfully nothing bad happened, but to know people anywhere around the world think that it is okay to do things like that simply scares me.


    I am glad to hear that you have managed to learn how to be okay with your own company, that is wonderful and I happy for you! As a college student, besides studying and going on the internet, perhaps I become very bored with myself and my own company and simply need to learn more things to do when I am alone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


    Thank you for sharing and for your kind words! I am happy to hear that you are in a safe and loving relationship now. Best of luck to you and thank you again.

    Take care!



    There is an app called Nextdoor and its a forum about your local community! Many people post about suggestions and what not, but also about other adults, females, and moms who often have groups and hang outs going on! Maybe you can connect with local people that way and make some awesome friends!

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    I live in a 2 floor house! My favorite room is our living room as it has large glass doors so the sun is always shining and creates a warm lighted environment! I also have bird feeders, so watching the various birds fly by and enjoy a snack is always fun to do!

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