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    I do hope I can get the e-mail situation resolved, but it seems like the staff don’t fully understand that the current e-mail on this account is deleted and no longer. To change to another e-mail that I have now I have to use the deleted account to verify the new e-mail change. Obviously I cannot do that. The staff doesn’t seem to understand that as they keep referring me to the settings to change it.


    My father also passed away 5 years ago from complications from a Stroke. I remembered him and all the fun times we had together as I do everyday.

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    A table lamp, my phone, glasses case, medicine, water bottle, remote.


    It is a sad state not only the United States is in but really the world. All this violence and killings in senseless. I am a Principal of an Elementary school in Maine and whenever one of these school shooting happen and it can be anywhere within the United States these kids within my school are extremely scared. Something needs to be done and the Government is sitting on their hands on this.


    I wouldn’t change much of anything at all except for an early retirement. I would stay in my lovely little home near the mountains and invest the money wisely and travel more.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)