• For me. I have found new discoveries that I wouldn’t have found if we hadn’t have locked down.

    I have found more appreciation for the great outdoors and nature in general. It’s funny how when you could just go out when you felt like you really weren’t too concerned. But since it was restricted My love and respect of the outdoors has grown so much…[Read more]

  • The link works for me. But Oh my, I do not like that computer voice on the red. It spoils the whole poem.


    It’s was better if I quoted the rest in my head.

    Well done Kitkat. Awesome work.

  • Rowena replied to the topic Hi everyone in the forum Introductions 2 days, 19 hours ago

    Hi Lilyrae.

    Welcome to the forum.
    I hope we can give you some of that girl power you require in what can be stressful times.

    Please do jump in anywhere and anytime. It’s lovely to read a new perspective on things.


  • How much could you do?

    When I was younger my dad was an avid car repair fella. We didn’t have a lot of money but had a car that was needed to get to work and back. My dad was determined to repair all of it himself. Needless to say. I picked up a lot of knowledge from watching him and holding the spanners and such like.

    Fast forward to now.

    My…[Read more]

  • Welcome to the forum ralphy.


    What a strange subject for your first post. I would have personally gone with flower arranging or what is your favourite hot drink.

    Not that any of us are nieve. But it would have been nice just to ease yourself onto the forum.


    I don’t know about anyone else here. But a thong on a man is just wrong on so many…[Read more]

  • Rowena replied to the topic Skirt or Trousers? in the forum General Chat 4 days, 15 hours ago

    I think its a personal preference.

    You don’t have to wear heels with anything. But for me, I think they look better with a skirt. But I won’t wear anything over 3 inches anymore.
    Once upon a time. Going way back. Heel size wasn’t an issue. But now I prefer comfort.

    But I like my winter boots to be flat. I got a couple of pairs of sandals for…[Read more]

  • Rowena replied to the topic Do You Clean? in the forum General Chat 6 days, 19 hours ago

    Nothing wrong with being houseproud.

    I give the place a quick once over every day but a big clean, Generally on a Friday or Saturday. Depends on what I’m doing.

    The washing I do every other day. Ironing as little as possible. I cannot stand ironing lol.

    I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed but I do like a nice clean house. I have seen some houses on…[Read more]


    I personally have no problem with anyone and or what they are. gay/trans or whatever. Neither does my friend as far as I know when it’s a platonic basis. Its really she’s just not a lesbian and not interested in anything like that. Shes is as far as I know completely heterosexual. Its really just she doesn’t want to lose the friendship but at…[Read more]

  • That’s very sound advise Cassandra Thank you.

    I am also a very affectionate person by nature. I hope no one ever gets the wrong signs off of me. But most of my friends are too. we are just like that I guess it’s in our genes to show more empathy.

    I will tell her should the time arise that it seems to be steered to more than just a friendly hug…[Read more]

  • A close friend of mine asked me this and I must admit I do not really have any idea on what advice to give. I have never been there.

    let me give you some background first.

    She’s about the same age as me but single.

    She met a woman maybe a few months ago. Just as a potential new friend and they got along very well. Laughed about things and…[Read more]

  • I have a love affair with makeup and have worn it almost every day since the very first time I used it. Yes, I am a woman who will not even put the bins out without at least some on. This has got to go on my list of ways I enhance my looks. Its always quality makeup too. I found it just works better. I have a few wrinkles. That’s even thou I used…[Read more]

  • Rowena replied to the topic Skirt or Trousers? in the forum General Chat 1 week, 6 days ago


    Isn’t it funny how we as women are judged so much by what we wear?

    Many times more than men ever are.  A man can for example just throw on anything and never even get a second look. Where if we did that all eyes would be on us and everyone will think. WOW, she doesn’t look after herself. or she doesn’t know how to dress herself. I have…[Read more]

  • Rowena replied to the topic Skirt or Trousers? in the forum General Chat 2 weeks ago

    Leggings over here are quite a big thing. Most women wear them. Regardless of size shape etc. I wouldn’t say I look bad in them. lol. Well, not as bad as that 🙂

    I never mentioned dresses. Yes, I love dresses in the summer. I actually really like wrap dresses followed by pencil. Which one I wear depends on what the scales said the week…[Read more]

  • Rowena started the topic Skirt or Trousers? in the forum General Chat 2 weeks ago

    A strange question you may wonder?

    Let me explain why I ask.

    During my working life, I always prefered to wear a skirt for work. mainly it was retail-based and I always felt much smarter. But since not being able to work anymore I have found that I just throw on a pair of leggings or jeans in the morning now. It’s not that I don’t care about my…[Read more]


    That’s a really good point actually. When they do reopen are we going to trust the hairdresser to be virus-free? I don’t think anyone has even considered that. I suppose in a way its how much do you want/need your hair done and how much you would put faith in the virus concern is over if your told it is. Without getting too political. ( I…[Read more]

  • It would seem that the site of a hairdresser is going to be a distant memory soon. So I have been reading regarding the current climate that we are going to have to wait at least another couple of months before any of them are going to be open again. I’m going to assume also that to get an appointment once they are is will be like finding a hens…[Read more]

  • Nice shoes. I love shoes. You can never have enough. Not something I would personally wear but they are lovely.

  • Its brown bread for me. I just can’t tolerate it. Its can be such a pain sometimes when your out and you have a sandwich. All they ever do is brown bread. I just end up having either the salad or more often something I really shouldn’t. As I said I’m, not gluten intolerant but It just gives me terrible tummy upset.

    Those Dida,s look…[Read more]

  • Now there’s something. When was the last time you had to show your birth certificate to identify yourself?

    I think it must have been perhaps 15 years ago at least if not much longer. Normally it’s just a driving licence or passport. My passport has expired. One day when im going to travel again ill have to renew it.  Can you even lay your hands…

    [Read more]

  • As far as an interruption to life is concerned. I miss seeing my friends. I mean we keep in touch by WhatsApp but it’s just not quite the same. I miss doing my volunteer work. Meeting new people and such like during the course of the day and not being able to feel I’m doing something constructive. I have used skype a lot more. Particularly one…[Read more]

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