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    This is getting crazy.  I keep getting these notices also and it had me concerned.   I am glad that I saw this post and that I am not the only one.   At first it just seemed like someone was set on hacking my profile.  Could this just be a system malfunction?

  • Since I am not able to sleep I guess I will just browse the forums.    As far as spiders go, if I see them and they don’t just surprise me, I don’t mind them so much.   One day I climbed in the shower and turned around and there was a big black hairy looking spider right at my feet.   I almost fell I jumped out so fast.    Now if you want to a…[Read more]

  • Amazon is my go to shopping market now and I now have a prime account.   I know exactly how you feel about accidentally clicking on the prime button when all you really wanted to do is check out.    It is very misleading.  Another thing is that I was purchasing another item an did not realize that I clicked on the reoccurring button so every…[Read more]

  • This year I am trying something new.   It is a Christmas club savings account with a monthly automatic transfer of Thirty dollars.   Not seeing it in my regular account will help me to leave it alone and not touch it until late fall.   Hopefully this will help offset some of the cost for the holidays.   My kids are both preteens and they want el…[Read more]

  • It really just depends on your relationship.   Some people think of it as a form of cheating and to others it is just good clean fun.    If my husband were flirting with women on a website I probably would not like it very much.  Looking at it that way then I would not do it either.   Personally my ex did cheat on my so that gave me trust issues…[Read more]

  • She is amazing.  I love her and was not aware that she has two books coming out soon.  She was my favorite judge on the voice.

  • I agree that we have evolved as higher animal’s and we are above that.   A relationship between a Man and a Women is meant to be Monogamous.  You can look at it from a religious aspect or just as a socially accepted norm that we have come to expect as a society.   OP wrote that some of these women are willing to turn a blind eye and accept that…[Read more]

  • Yes for the most part.  There is the clutter that we have and really need to do something with.  Boxes of baby things that I really hate to get rid of and the toys and games that the kids have outgrown.  Most of the clothes were donated so I have been keeping up with that.   The kitchen is organized with the exception of the tupperware cabi…[Read more]

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    Yes I am OCD about keeping the house clean.   The kitchen is cleaned Daily.   I tend to spot clean daily in the bathrooms daily and deep clean once a week or as needed.   We have hardwoods and rugs so I run the swiffer daily and vacuum at least twice a week or as needed.   Dusting constantly, 15 minute power cleaning and then going back to whateve…[Read more]

  • Hello from Southern Illinois.    I am new myself and thought this forum looked fun.   I like how you said you are happily divorced as myself and many others have been there.   Looking forward to seeing you in the forums and nice to meet you.

  • Hi girls.   My name is Rhonda and I am a military wife and mother of two, a daughter age 12 and a son age 9.  We live in the Midwest United States.   I work part-time for a Property Management Group and volunteer for the Family Support Group on base.   It makes me so happy that I found this forum and I am excited to share with you ladies.

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