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    lets get into facts:

    30% of fat loss usually comes from cardio workouts daily (like running, swimming, cycling, etc)

    the rest 70% is the food you eat.

    I’ve noticed for myself that if I cut out carbs and eat less carbs (not entirely btw), then u can lose more weight.

    You mentioned your problem is salt, and its a problem because Sodium effects…[Read more]

  • You are too biased so I won’t argue with you. I can understand why women fight like this, its because they are too fed up being treated as a lower human. But I have a more scientific view over things. Mother Nature invents things in her plane, in a way that there will always be some kind of an equilibrium. Without order, or some kind of s…[Read more]

  • <p style=”margin-bottom: 12.0pt;”>[quote quote=202136]Overall, women are better/stronger. It’s not a complex.[/quote]</p>
    Isn’t it? You’re basing facts on an opinion of some woman who wrote a book about what she thinks, and decided that because you and other women agree with her then obviously she’s right?

    I’m not really argue over this, e…[Read more]

  • Both sexes are essential in life. Both are needed, no one is superior than  the other because every sex has his own strength and weakness. Yes, we are wired differently but that’s why we should co-operate together to form a united platform.

    Going against one another, from both sides, is a sign of failure. Why are we different from the males…[Read more]

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    Yes, but I’m personally an autodidact, I prefer learning by myself and in my own pace…I’m not trying to find friends , I just want to improve so I can start to draw all the things I want to draw

    I thought about one day opening a Deviantart account, but Its still too early for me. Criticism is helpful I guess, tho I don’t think I like criticism…[Read more]

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    I guess you kinda answered the question by yourself. Everything you mentioned can help you with you feelings, we all sometimes feel lonely or feel like we lack something in our lives.

    If you feel lonely emotionally and want a life partner or simply a new friend, so perhaps start looking for one; perhaps a hobby that involves socializing with…[Read more]

  • I guess you’re right, I guess I was mainly thinking how I myself view it, because I think it depends on perspective. I mean I don’t really care what trolls on the internet think about me because they don’t really know me; wheres I am much more sensitive about people irl.. The impact is more “real” than just several words on the screen from a…[Read more]

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    I’ve recently started to draw, I’ve bought a tablet and because I love watching anime, I decided to try and start to learn drawing manga style. I tell you, its hard, very hard, and I quite frankly feel like I’m at a loss, as in, learning to draw by myself. I’m ofc using youtube tutorials but seeing progress takes lots of time, and right now im…[Read more]

  • It sounds that you really look good, even more than the average girl if you feel comfortable enough sharing  nude photos of yourself with strangers on the internet.

    I don’t buy this. I do think you know that you look fabulous. You’re just greedy and your ego wants more attention. more likes. You’re addicted to reddit and you value yourself…[Read more]

  • Too much exercise also drains me out faster as well, so perhaps that’s why most people don’t exercise regularly. For example I was running 3-4 times a week for a whole hour (I was running 10 km), and although it shaped my body pretty well and fast (in around 2 months I already seen drastic change), I stopped because it was too difficult for me to…[Read more]

  • Just as someone above me said, the right way to lose weight is slowly. If you lose fast, you’re doing something wrong, and you most likely start yoyoing from gaining and losing. The best way to lose weight is slowly and steadily.

    For me what helps is cutting off carbs as much as you can. Instead eat more fat and protein. Carbs make you absorb…[Read more]

  • As a gamer myself (Been playing an mmorpg for about 6 years), I don’t really think women are discouraged playing such games now days. BUT, it really depends on the game. Not talking from experience, I never played FPS (first person shooters), but I did constantly hear that in shooters this is very very different.

    But right now I’m talking from my…[Read more]

  • I would respect everyone’s choice no matter what their beliefs are about themselves or the world, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. I will actually think its very brave of you doing such a thing in the first place. I would respect that alot, coming forward and doing something that most of the community probably wont accept.

    That said, I do have…[Read more]

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