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    lets get into facts:

    30% of fat loss usually comes from cardio workouts daily (like running, swimming, cycling, etc)

    the rest 70% is the food you eat.

    I’ve noticed for myself that if I cut out carbs and eat less carbs (not entirely btw), then u can lose more weight.

    You mentioned your problem is salt, and its a problem because Sodium effects in weight loss. In Chemistry, Sodium attracts Water, so you basically swell up in water weight .

    Basically carbs also make you gain more water weight because Carbs also make you absorb water.

    Spicy stuff btw, is a different thing completely. I actually heard it helps accelerate the digestion of your stomach.

    So what i do to lose weight? Eat less carbs, more fat and protein (lots of eggs, chicken breasts etc). I do eat rice and potatoes but in really small portions. I prefer to eat more protein than carbs.

    If I’m at work so I eat energy bars. it helps me monitor my calorie intake because it tells you how much you eat (usually an energy bar is between 100–200 calories) -< and they’re tasty and filling .

    btw, I still let myself eat junk and drink alcohol so I guess that’s why my weight loss is pretty slow but its fine, i don’t want to stop enjoying life just because I want to lose weight. As long as I lose weight and not gain it its ok.

    So far I’ve lost 1.5 kg in 7 weeks (its considered pretty slow but idc), I do feel stronger because of my workout.

    Oh! talking about workouts, what I do is simply jumping rope. yep. jumping rope is the best cardio there is because you burn the most from any other cardio including running.

    So if you jump rope 15 minutes its basically like running 30 minutes.

    1 word tho – if you’re not used to it, you’ll experience lots of  pain in your legs especially your calfs, it started to get easier for me only after 1 month of jumping rope. I am jumping rope for 1.5 months and lost 1.5 kg so yeah… its alot for me because I don’t really have to lose weight especially after toning up in the process. right now my weight is 56.2 and I want to reach 53kg..

    what’s good about jumping rope is that it uses lots of the muscles of your body including your legs, especially the calves, the stomach and arms. also a jumping rope costs nothing, relative to the gym. and you can jump rope anywhere, even inside your house when its raining or whatever.



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    You are too biased so I won’t argue with you. I can understand why women fight like this, its because they are too fed up being treated as a lower human. But I have a more scientific view over things. Mother Nature invents things in her plane, in a way that there will always be some kind of an equilibrium. Without order, or some kind of stability, things won’t last.

    Mother nature invented a man and a woman. We’re ying, men are yang. Together, we’re whole.

    There’s no “stronger than the other”; both need each other, because we’re different from one another.

    There’s a reason why most inventors are men. Because they are naturally less prone to listen to laws, they take more risks than women. Women are naturally more obedient, we prefer to take less risks, and we tend to take more the “safe road” but in that mindset, you’re basically closing your own mind to new possibilities that were infront of you but you ignored them.

    You say that men break laws statistically more than women; I agree with you, but that’s because men take risks more. Sometimes its worth it, and sometimes its not; and no, I’m not talking about sexual harassment. I’m more talking about the business stuff. But, there’s nothing we can do about the sexual harassment and violence. With great things, come the worst things. That’s how laws of nature are.

    I am a 30 year old woman, and I tended the university (science related) and I can tell you that people like you, who say such stuff, will not only be ignored, but also laughed upon.

    As long as science didn’t give proof that female brains are better than male’s, I won’t agree to anything that you have to say. You’re a typical woman who has real insecurity issues, and decided that the whole blame is on men and how men made you feel. Instead of pointing fingers on 1 gender, try to understand where your insecurities come from and deal with them.

    For me the stigma of women vs men is exactly like the stigma of black people vs white people. Because of how society made us think, and how it mind controlled us, doesn’t mean that Mother Nature made us so insignificantly unfair.

    As I said before; I have a more scientific view of things. It doesn’t mean I am a man; it simply means I am neutral because I think fighting about what gender is stronger is stupid. I think that men who think that women are lower than them are stupid, and vise versa For me these people are ignorant.

    So, if you have an awesome idea to invent something, and you’re coincidentally a female, ignore your initial thought, that “your idea is stupid, It’s not going to work” etc, and have some “balls” and just do it. Because we live only once, what’s there that you really have to lose? Just do it (:

    And yes, I believe you are ignorant to your surroundings because I simply cannot believe that this is all you saw from men. It’s what you wanted to see from men. It’s a big difference.

    Oh and btw, the reason for my low level English is because its not my first language. I don’t live in the US. So sorry about that.


    <p style=”margin-bottom: 12.0pt;”>

    Overall, women are better/stronger. It’s not a complex.

    Isn’t it? You’re basing facts on an opinion of some woman who wrote a book about what she thinks, and decided that because you and other women agree with her then obviously she’s right?

    I’m not really argue over this, especially because you think I’m a guy because I do not believe women are “stronger/better”. I do believe we’re equal. Is it really so hard wrap your mind over this? It’s up on the individual rather than what gender you were brought into this world. There are many factors that decide what a “better person” means, its also up on the individual and his/her interpretation on this word, because ” a better person” can be interpreted  differently to each one of us. To some, a better person is someone who got a higher education, to others its being a good mother, etc.

    Simply deciding that we’re better because nature made us naturally with less testosterone doesn’t mean that men are like wild monkeys that can’t control themselves. You sound like a religious zealot.

    Men are naturally more aggressive. There’s no doubt about that. But because of that, they can be more assertive, direct, decisive. It depends on the individual how they use their stronger traits, not on the genitals. Same with women.

    All I saw in this topic are women criticizing men, but not once did I see someone criticizing women, as if we’re all born perfect, right?


    Both sexes are essential in life. Both are needed, no one is superior than  the other because every sex has his own strength and weakness. Yes, we are wired differently but that’s why we should co-operate together to form a united platform.

    Going against one another, from both sides, is a sign of failure. Why are we different from the males then, if we think we are better? Instead of having this superiority complex (which basically, along the way, reduces the potential reasoning behind feminism), we should learn to be harmonious with the opposite sex, instead of downgrading it and neglecting it.

    All I see in these comments are biased opinions from women who had bad experience with men with some kind of power; it is very biased to think all men are like what you said here.



    Yes, but I’m personally an autodidact, I prefer learning by myself and in my own pace…I’m not trying to find friends , I just want to improve so I can start to draw all the things I want to draw

    I thought about one day opening a Deviantart account, but Its still too early for me. Criticism is helpful I guess, tho I don’t think I like criticism very much, I mean I am a perfectionist and very hard on myself as it is, I don’t think other people can top me on that.

    If ill advertise my art it’ll be only when ill feel i’m good enough to show my art to other people…

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    I guess you kinda answered the question by yourself. Everything you mentioned can help you with you feelings, we all sometimes feel lonely or feel like we lack something in our lives.

    If you feel lonely emotionally and want a life partner or simply a new friend, so perhaps start looking for one; perhaps a hobby that involves socializing with other people. just like SpinningJen mentioned – that way you can strike two birds with one stone. There’s also lots of phone apps that offer you all types of dating and such..

    Perhaps a change career wise? I believe its never really too late to try something new – we live only once, what’s there to lose?

    Perhaps you’re simply annoyed seeing the same things all the time, same landscapes, same people, same daily routine… so Yes, traveling can help alot

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    I guess you’re right, I guess I was mainly thinking how I myself view it, because I think it depends on perspective. I mean I don’t really care what trolls on the internet think about me because they don’t really know me; wheres I am much more sensitive about people irl.. The impact is more “real” than just several words on the screen from a stranger. For example if someone will cuss me on the internet i’ll shrug it off, but irl ill probably feel more insulted.

    Also, if people harass you on the internet its easy usually to ignore htem because you can block them or whatever , but itl its much more difficult to ignore people you don’t like. Not to mention they can somehow influence your life in some way or another, like at your work, family, friends…


    I’ve recently started to draw, I’ve bought a tablet and because I love watching anime, I decided to try and start to learn drawing manga style. I tell you, its hard, very hard, and I quite frankly feel like I’m at a loss, as in, learning to draw by myself. I’m ofc using youtube tutorials but seeing progress takes lots of time, and right now im trying to learn to draw the anatomy of the human body…

    The best youtube tutorials I found that helped me the most is mikey’s:

    and Marc Brunet also seems very proffesional, he’s an ex digital artist that worked for several years in Blizzard, and he quit and opened his own company that helps people to learn to draw, main problem is that his most helpful tutorials (art classes, more specifically) cost money, and I’m not so sure if I should waste money on it….

    this is his channel:




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    It sounds that you really look good, even more than the average girl if you feel comfortable enough sharing  nude photos of yourself with strangers on the internet.

    I don’t buy this. I do think you know that you look fabulous. You’re just greedy and your ego wants more attention. more likes. You’re addicted to reddit and you value yourself incorrectly. You’re in some sort of competition in your own mind against other good looking girls like yourself.

    If it makes you feel worse then the way for you to feel better with yourself is to stop lurking in instagram, even for awhile, and take some time to re-evaluate yourself, your own body. Go out, flaunt your body, you’re young, you’re beautiful, enjoy it, don’t waste your time trying to look better than others, its stupid. it’s a never-ending battle, because there’ll always be someone who looks better than you. That’s the truth. Thing is, its not a contest, you are the one who turned it into one.

    I’m sure you’ll feel much better if you’ll take a time off from the internet, stop posting pics to feel better and simply be you.

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    Too much exercise also drains me out faster as well, so perhaps that’s why most people don’t exercise regularly. For example I was running 3-4 times a week for a whole hour (I was running 10 km), and although it shaped my body pretty well and fast (in around 2 months I already seen drastic change), I stopped because it was too difficult for me to continue with the routine. I burned out pretty fast, it also made me feel hungrier which made me overeat a lot of times.

    So now I’ve started running again, but only half an hour a day (6 days a week), half an hour isn’t much at all, and i feel like its a much more sensible and durable routine for me that I can manage to add into my life; as in, a regular thing for me, not just for dieting, because its healthy and does make me feel better, not just for the dieting purpose. (and btw, this is my third week and I already feel my body is stronger ).

    I haven’t lost weight yet tho, actually, I gained 1 kilo since starting, but its normal to gain weight when you strain your muscles at the first 2 weeks, its like a way for your body to protect itself (the muscles) so my body absorbs water weight. But after 1-2  first weeks the weight will start to drop, losing weight will take time, but don’t fret! its completely normal as long as you really stick to your diet and not overeat. I’ve already lost the weight I gained, I actually reduced half a kilo. I started from 57.7kg, gained weight and reached 58.5kg, and i lost It at the last 2 days and now I’m 57.3kg.

    I’m saying this because you said you haven’t been losing weight fast enough, and I’m also saying it to anybody who started exercising and saw themselves gaining weight instead of losing it and lost the motivation cuz of it – this is completely normal, its a body mechanism because your muscles aren’t used to what you’re doing to it, its not fat weight, its water weight and you’ll lose the weight after 2 weeks. after the first 2 weeks you’ll start to see progress.

    And remember, muscles have more weight than fat, so the best way is not to trust your scale, but looking at the mirror and seeing the change in your body.

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    Just as someone above me said, the right way to lose weight is slowly. If you lose fast, you’re doing something wrong, and you most likely start yoyoing from gaining and losing. The best way to lose weight is slowly and steadily.

    For me what helps is cutting off carbs as much as you can. Instead eat more fat and protein. Carbs make you absorb more water and that’s how you also gain more weight (through water weight).

    Try to eat less processed foods and enjoy the meal you make by yourself. Fill your stomach with more veggies rather than plain carbs (pasts/rice/potatoes).

    If you still need carbs, whole wheat carbs is better because you still need fibre.

    And i dont know about your height, but try to calculate your BMI in the internet and see how much calories you should eat to lose weight. I personally have to eat 1200-1300 calories a day to lose half a kilo a week (I think its 1 pound)


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    As a gamer myself (Been playing an mmorpg for about 6 years), I don’t really think women are discouraged playing such games now days. BUT, it really depends on the game. Not talking from experience, I never played FPS (first person shooters), but I did constantly hear that in shooters this is very very different.

    But right now I’m talking from my own experience:

    I never really felt negativity towards me almost at all. The other way around – whenever people in the game get to know that i’m a girl, they actually are more friendly towards me.

    Most women will feel courted in an mmorpg, if you consider this sexism so be it. I felt it especially when I was noob and new to the game, people were more prone to help me and they were really nice to me. ofc I knew that part of it was because they knew I was a girl, and I  would lie if I said I didn’t use that to benefit me in the game at all. But, I rarely “used” people, as in – made them give me expensive stuff in the game like gold/mats for upgrading the weapon/new skin for my character. Most of the stuff I got by myself from grinding stuff or doing dungeons. I feel proud at myself for getting all the “cool” stuff with my own abilities.

    That said, I know most women do use their gender to get stuff from men, and I think that’s a very disgusting behavior. If someone gives me something by force, I will always pay them back in some other way through the game.

    I do believe in equality including games, and I do not put my genitalia on a pedestal or think that I’m some rare being that people in the game should feel “graced by my presence”. Unfortunately, many girls behave that way in games and that’s why I hate most girls in games. Perhaps its because most of them are teenagers or they are on their early 20’s, or simply perhaps they are catfishers.

    Anyways, things do change once you reach “end game”, for everyone, not only girls. I know this is very similar in other mmorpg’s, not just in the game I played. Elitists, people who consider themselves high level players, that do really hard end game stuff that requires lots of skill, turn toxic towards you, if you’re new to the dungeon and want to learn and fuck up. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy. In end game stuff it mainly depends on your skill or if you have the right skillful friends / or in an end game guild that helps to learn those dungeons (and the waiting list for that is endless and most guilds don’t teach you even if they say they do).

    And , just like in real life, there’ll be lots of politics going on (you’re lucky if you have the right “friends” or play a class that is rare and is very needed  to help you going forward if it benefits them in clearing as well) and eventually only a handful of people are successful in doing those end game dungeons, and the skillful players always prefer to play with themselves and rarely help others.

    TLDR: No, I don’t think there’s female discrimination in ALL games , I was an end game player and I mainly got discriminated because of my class that I played which wasn’t popular, and not because of my skill, and I eventually stopped playing because I didn’t like the direction the game was going (too grindy and pay 2 win).


    I would respect everyone’s choice no matter what their beliefs are about themselves or the world, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. I will actually think its very brave of you doing such a thing in the first place. I would respect that alot, coming forward and doing something that most of the community probably wont accept.

    That said, I do have my own pov, and I would still consider you as a male because that’s how you have been brought into this world, even if you don’t feel or consider yourself as one. But, out of respect, I would call you a “she” if I met you and you asked me to in a polite  way.

    I simply prefer sticking to the “scientific” terms of things. If science doesn’t agree, I wouldn’t as well.

    And btw,  I believe this community in this forum is not like how its outside. Outside is much harsher so if you think you can use the forum to “prepare yourself” for what’s outside, this is very misleading.

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