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    Morning ladies.

    A frosty start to the day today. Nice and bright and sunny though.

    The fireworks have been mad. So loud. Sound like bombs going off. Scared my cats,rabbits and gerbils.

    Anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I have. Got loads. Love Christmas


    A walkway on the side of a mountain.


    The glass walkway over the grand canyon.



    A ride in Las Vegas.


    Me neither Linda. Heights terrify me, and just looking at that makes my tummy feel funny,

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    Morning ladies.

    A gloomy start to the day,but we are getting an Indian summer over the next few days…a late blast of heat! Lovely.

    My daughter arrived safely in Venice yesterday. Her and her bf are going to visit a Damien Hurst exhibition. Not my cup of tea but they like that kind of thing.

    Fingers crossed for the dentist Jen. Have a good day ladies.


    Hey mum of two, welcome to Female. So,two boys,girls or one of each? I have three myself. Grown up now.

    Any questions,just ask. Make yourself at home.


    Yes I’m sure they do, but underwear is something western women take for granted,so it seemed like a good idea.



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    Friday the 13th at the dentist?! Eeek! 😱😱 Good luck. I’ll pray for you. 😂😂

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    She’s going to Venice Linda. She is very excited about it.

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    Hi Linda,welcome to the forum. My daughter is going to Italy this week. Which part are you in?

    Make yourself at home, and if you have any questions, just ask. Lovely to have you with us,

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    Morning ladies.

    Phone went off again…and finally came back yesterday. Grrrrr.

    Went to the dentist yesterday to have a tooth out.😥😥 I hate dentists,but it had to be done, so I was very brave.

    Autumn is setting in now. Leaves are changing colour, and it’s getting chilly.

    Halloween is not far  away!🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃


    Evening ladies.

    My phone is finally working! Yayyy! Since Monday! I expect a refund.

    Lovely day  today. Sun was shining,but very breezy.


    Hi Samantha,welcome to the forum. Make yourself at home.

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