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    Art is wonderful. Although I write rather than paint.

    Your drawing class sounds wonderful. I am glad for you. Because you are talented and just enjoying art is the valuable thing. An old friend of mine is also a painter. His name is Michael and I love his artwork. I even wrote a poem about him: “A Passion For Painting”. I’m artistic myself and…[Read more]

  • That’s a pain, psychmommy. It’s hard to work in a clique-y workplace. Thankfully I don’t have that problem, but I can feel your pain. But your work as an instructor sounds wonderful and very rewarding. The disabled are wonderful people and I love them myself. Because you are making a difference.

    Back to your office job: it sounds like a problem.…[Read more]

  • It’s great having you here, Halfpint!

  • I have the same issues as I mentioned in my May 18th 2018 post.

    Any solutions?

  • I’ve been around a good long while. I just love offering my opinions and advice!

    Anyhow, a website I am addicted to. All you lovely ladies make it worthwhile. Because it is definitely a female forum. I write this because of a previous post by rabbithabit. [No male trolls welcome here.]

    May this website live long and prosper!

  • Anything by Madonna. Although it is adult material, I love her “Erotica” album. I only listen to it on audio, though! The music is top class, next to her “Ray of Light” album. I won’t even mention the book [it was pretty radical and brave for a woman of the early 90’s]. Anyhow, the MUSIC is utterly a work of art.

  • You’re right, rabbithabit. I agree this forum should be female only.

  • I absolutely agree, cassandra. The justice system should take action against those who are liars and waste police time. There are crimes that actually happen out there and these people waste valuable resources and time. Sometimes the accusation is true, but often it is not. Even in his death, Michael Jackson stands accused of child abuse. Whether…[Read more]

  • Being rejected obviously hurt. However, you were right to block her: she sounds toxic. Although I don’t mean to sound cruel. Stopping¬† responding to her messages did hurt her, but she only has herself to blame. She caused you trouble and has to accept the friendship is over. You are NOT in the wrong. I stand by my previous post, too.

    It’ll be…[Read more]

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    Good on you, SpinngJen! I am inspired to all sort through my wardrobe! I think I will do this today.

    I just LOVE having little clutter and clean, aired out rooms. I am a sucker for hygiene. I definitely have no dust, rubbish bags, piles of crockery, piles of dirty laundry, endless ornaments around my apartment. I am very aware of keeping things…[Read more]

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    I have socialized with the disabled [although I don’t have such a disability] and they are often very nice, fun people. However, I don’t see their day-to-day lives. They do have spirit and lots of spunk!

    Anyhow, there are places that are bad. Thankfully I don’t go to places like that, but staff in such institutions are under pressure. Mentally…[Read more]

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    I agree with everyone: reporting false crimes takes the police and justice system away from real crime. Which can mean innocent lives being lost. Lying to the police is wrong and perpetrators should be punished. It shows utter lack of respect for people who really need the police.

  • As everyone knows, I am a long standing member. I just love offering advice!

    Activity does ebb and flow, TestDummyC. Some weeks here is a ghost town, the next it is bursting with activity. Still, I check it out here all the time and look forward to new members and just catching up with everyone. It is a great website: there’s no doubt about…[Read more]

  • If you’ve got the money, it is a good idea to have laser surgery or the suchlike. But if you don’t want to go down that route, then I’d just stick with hair removing cream. Boring, but it’s what I would do. Definitely NEVER shave your upper lip.

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    I have tried eating dark chocolate, but find it bitter and tasteless. So I just stick with milk chocolate. It sounds terribly greedy, but I eat chocolate ALL the time. I am addicted. I love coconut in my chocolate as well, though! Chocolate is heaven and I won’t give it up.

    My favourite film of all time is “Coyote Ugly”. I watch it on DVD all the…[Read more]

  • This sounds terrible, but at first I thought it was a joke and laughed. However, it is not funny and neither would I with any boyfriend of mine participate in such a practice.

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    We’re on the same page: I have been doing loads of spring cleaning myself. I keep on top of the laundry, always wash up, hoover, scrub the bathroom and kitchen regularly… I love this time of year for doing so. Having my home spick & span is very important to me.

    Carry on with the cleaning!


    Kim and Aggie eat your hearts out!

  • I was interested to read your post, TestDummyC: I have to admit I was a little ignorant of how college and university funding works and will never be an expert, but you have opened my eyes. Now, I did go to college: but not university. Living in Britain I did not have to pay for my college course tuition. If I had had to, my dad would’ve paid it…[Read more]

  • I absolutely agree with TestDummyC: you will get through this. The mourning period is hard, but you will grow stronger and feel relief that she’s out of your life. You’re on edge now, but won’t be forever. She will realize you’re out of her life, too and you will both be able to move on. Still, I can understand where you’re coming from.

    I am also…[Read more]

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    Teaching must be wonderful, Halfpint. A student never forgets their teacher.

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