• I replied a few hours ago, Rachel. I hope you like reading my reply!

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    I certainly never discriminate anyone with any disability. Because there ARE various shades of autism – and other conditions – and that is the reality for so many people. I do know that Vicky perhaps made an unfair judgement on others by saying she’d never date anyone with autism again, but she still did make that decision. Although that is not to…[Read more]

  • My mother also had an allergy to brown bread. Although she died a few years ago, I do see her in myself. Anyhow, that is another topic. Back to the bread: my gut does not like yeast or roughage. I simply can’t touch soda bread or granary bread. In fact, I can feel the effects up to 3 days later. My gut doesn’t react instantly.

    Basically, I stick…[Read more]

  • Big surprise: I have put on a load of laundry today. I have also opened all my windows. I am browsing the Internet and just am taking the day as vanilla.

    It is a gorgeous sunny spring-like day: the sun is shining and the birds are singing. It is a good day to open my windows. I have also drunk my caffetterie coffee: I do like my morning…[Read more]

  • I’ve known people with autism. In fact, my close friend – Vicky – tried dating someone with the condition. What transpired was his mother telephoned Vicky to say the relationship was over: yes, really.

    Vicky could not believe her boyfriend’s MOTHER would do the breakup for him. She vowed to never date someone with autism again. She now never…[Read more]

  • Thank you, Rachel!

  • And I have finished the cleaning! This is what I did:

    1. Cleaned my bathroom
    2. Cleaned my kitchen
    3. Hoovered entire apartment
    4. Took out the rubbish & recycling
    5. Washed the laundry
    6. Am airing out my apartment
    7. Am running the dehumidifier

    I do like to keep my home spick & span. It’s just a restful afternoon for me now. I shall make myself some…[Read more]

  • You did have me worried there! LOL.

    I am also going to have my carpet replaced! ATM it is beige: I shall be going for a fairly-thin material and a light/medium green colour. I will be forking out for it out of my savings. I’ve had my current carpet for over 10 years: it is time for a change. I am just waiting until the carpet shop reopens. Then…[Read more]

  • Why not treat yourself? You only live once!

  • That’s interesting, Rebecca. I must say a lot of people think one size fits all: but we know that is not true. Basically, one person may be fine with museli, while another will have an allergic reaction to museli. Or one person may be fine with prawns, but another will have an allergy to prawns.

    Food allergies are incredibly common these days,…[Read more]

  • Emily Blunt is one of my favourite actresses. She has such range in the characters she plays. I have never seen her repeat herself. I do love her in “The Devil Wears Prada”. She pulls off an excellent performance. Also in “Mary Poppins” her performance is stellar.

    I am a HUGE Emily Blunt fan: and always will be.

  • I am going to clean my bathroom and kitchen today. I have put on a load of laundry. I will also air out my apartment later today.

    I am a clean queen!

  • I am reading the Christopher Pike book “The Immortal”. I read it before – years ago – but loved it so much I am reading it again. It is about a Greek goddess who is turned human and must learn her lesson. It is a very well written story and just has magic. If you’re interested in Greek mythology, you’d love this.

    Christopher Pike is my favourite…[Read more]

  • How tigers communicate in the wild.

    Tigers are amazing animals: I watched a video on BBC Earth and these tigers are fabulous. HOWEVER, they had two cubs on a lead, which I did not approve of. AND they were taken from their mother in order to be tamed. Again, that seems cruel. Tigers are wild animals and should never be humanized. They are not…[Read more]

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    Because of Jo Whiley’s intervention, people registered as having a disability with their doctor are now priority cases for having the vaccine. This is wonderful news. The world watched Frances suffer and now people I associate with will be mostly protected from COVID-19. Knowing people are going to be safe makes me feel very happy.

    The government…[Read more]

  • I am wearing the most gorgeous neutral pink lipstick today: it is called “China Rose” by Collection [which used to be Collection 2000]. It isn’t pale and it isn’t dark: it sits nicely inbetween. It is an everyday colour that will suit every skin tone. It has a nice, creamy consistency and goes on really soft and smooth.

    Collection makeup is…[Read more]

  • And now I’ve finally sorted my shoe & handbag closet in my hallway!

    I took everything out of the closet: handbags, shoes and scarfs. I then decided which handbags to keep and which handbags to discard. I also threw out about 4 pairs of shoes I was never going to wear again. I then hoovered the floor of the closet. I put the shoes and other items…[Read more]

  • I love any holiday! LOL.

  • Thank you, cassandra. I could use hot water, a cloth and washing up liquid instead. I had no idea the anti-bacterial wipes were ineffective. I certainly do not want to spread germs.

    I shall consider what you’ve said, cassandra. It does help.

  • I have drunk my caffetterie coffee. I have put on a load of laundry. I am airing out my apartment, too. I am browsing the Internet, which I do daily. I shall be telephoning a good friend later this morning: she’s in a bad way. I have posted on Facebook, too.

    It is a gorgeous spring-like day. Oh: my dad is going for the vaccine today. My sister is…[Read more]

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