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  • I do apologise for getting it wrong with the medical profession.

    You have been badly let down by the government offices. I do hope you get the answers you need and an apology from said government offices.

  • I am so sorry to hear of your husbands condition it must be really hard for you see the  man you love fading away before your eyes. Also government departments are not very sympathetic when you are trying to manage you life.

    I do hate people who say they are there for you and actually do nothing at all to ease the situation.

    A trying time for…[Read more]

  • I work for a charity called PSP – this stands for Progressive Supranulear Palsy. It is similar to dementia and there is no known cure: such as with dementia.

    At this charity I work at, we encourage doctors and the medical profession to recognise and diagnose PSP, without mistaking it for dementia. I am not saying your husband has PSP and doesn’t…[Read more]

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    I used to love them but find  they taste far too sweet now to me.

  • I love creme eggs myself!!!

  • My sunsign is sagittarius and I am scorpio rising.

    I tell you this: my astrology chart is spookily accurate.

  • I know it seems like spam, but Allpoetry.com is a great website! I post my poems on there and people love them!

    Anyhow, if you’re a poet yourself, you can post as many poems of yours as you like. However, for each poem you post, you have to comment on two other poems submitted by members. It is a fair system and means everyone has their work…[Read more]

  • mikki replied to the topic Weight And Your Diet in the forum Health & Diet 1 week, 4 days ago

    I always wonder why food manufacturers change recipes. I bought my usual gravy once and it was  so awful that I complained to them. Surprisingly they wrote back and said they had put it back to their taste panel and agreed, they enclosed a £5 voucher as well ( which I did not spend on gravy lol ).

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    I am a TAURUS, which I think is reliable and kind with a stubborn streak ( just ask my husband on that one!). Also I am not quick to get angry but can be a bull in a china shop sometimes lol.

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  • mikki replied to the topic Weight And Your Diet in the forum Health & Diet 1 week, 5 days ago

    I now opt for GALAXY it is lovely and of course tempting, I buy the small 4 bar pack and only eat one bar every so often. I agree with you Kitty plain chocolate is not very nice, funny how good it tastes with peppermint cream inside though lol.

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    I shall do so Kitty, I bought a magnetic fly screen today for my front door. Last Summer there was fly poo everywhere and I spent ages cleaning my curtains, blinds, lampshades and surfaces so drastic action was called for. my problem now is teaching the dogs to walk through it, such fun lol.

  • My favourite poem of mine is “Paint Me The Colours Of The Rainbow”.

    I am an artistic person and this poem has all the colours of the rainbow and is so bright and vibrant. It is also fun and creative. It’s not serious or gloomy. I think it celebrates the spring and summer. It is so, so creative and colourful and expressive: definitely NOT…[Read more]

  • I have emptied, cleaned and re-stocked my kitchen cupboards. I have also cleaned the inside of my fridge. I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen yesterday afternoon. I air out my apartment daily.

    It is spring very soon, so definitely do the same yourself!

  • My eyes are my absolute favourite feature. I pluck my eyebrows regularly, too. People have always admired my eyes: I know this because I have been told so.

  • Something did stop me talking to him, SpinningJen: and not just fear. I was held back. Maybe there was a good reason: a reason I can’t explain? Plus, I can still admire Thomas every Friday I go to Tesco! For all I know, he could have a girlfriend: or even be gay. You never know: and I am being serious.

    Anyhow, onwards and upwards!

  • My sun starsign is sagittarius, whereas my moon sign is scorpio.

    I had my astrology chart done online years ago: it was spookily accurate. I am absolutely a believer in astrology. In fact, I have a deep belief in the supernatural. I believe in psychics, telepaths, aliens, heaven, hell: all of it. This sounds very bizarre, but I truly believe in a…[Read more]

  • Bras are expensive, that is true. It is a little strange that men’s underwear isn’t. But – saying that – bras have to be specially made and made with care. They aren’t an easy garment to manfacture. There is the size of every individual bust to consider/colours to choose/the actual making of 1000’s of bras… The list of requirements goes on.…[Read more]

  • Good news: my weight has gone down! I am avoiding the mini cakes, but still have a craving for chocolate. However, I shall only have a little chocolate. This means one or two squares at one time.

    As for dark chocolate: I hate it, to be blunt. It is bitter and tastes horrible, so I won’t be choosing that instead. I have tried it: but it isn’t for…[Read more]

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