• @SpinningJen In the UK we never used winter tyres and its flat here so you might think its a nonsense but in Belgium France and Germany its a legal requirement as of Nov 1st or earlier if weather is bad winter tyres must be on the cars . Because we cross the borders regularly we always have them but many people do it here because our local roads…[Read more]

  • @SpinningJen  the crate is part wood and part aluminium nice big doors at the front and little ‘windows’ all round.. I took nice clear photos from all sides and inclued one from the makers which had measurements from every angle…

    Its intended to fit in a car boot (big car) but it could be used int he home or at the camping etc..

    People just…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Keeping fit. in the forum Health & Diet 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    @KitKatKitty, no support network Im busy looking after others and Im not considered a priority besides I dont really need help..

    @SpinningJen  I have always loved to dance hece the areobics and zumba its so dance based and set to music that it hardly feels like exercise.

    I must say the pilates classes so far have been slow but I will admit you…[Read more]

  • Not sure Id call it enhancing.

    I dont do nail treatments or make up but

    I use moisturiser every day with a sun protector of 30 spf this means at 55 I have virtually no wrinkles.

    Use body butter during winter to keep my skin smooth and soft as well as hand cream .. Do regular foot treatments.

    I clean my teeth and use interdental brushes to keep…[Read more]

  • @SpinningJen

    Lofts here are treated as another room proper staircase floors window and heating so no problems about access or damp.

    We are required to keep paperwork for 5years its it easy as I file one year eg 2019 I threw away 2014


    Where possible I do things online my tv, phone water rates etc are all done digitally so that helps cut the…[Read more]

  • Hi there.

    I can only echo what @SpinningJen has said,  the ladies here make up for in quality what they may lack in quantity so it might not be busy but the answers/ conversations you get are going to be genuine and honest.


    @KitKatKitty , no problem  with your reply, I doubt they will apologise they are ‘just following procedure’….



    I am so sorry you had to go through this. When OH got his diagnoses one of the first things we did was consult a lawyer . We both made a living will with our last wishes regarding end of life /life terminating…[Read more]

  • @SpinningJen EE OMG that really is the worst possible example of human beings… Honestly if aliens or future generations look at that and think its real I dread to imagine what they will think of us.


    Ive never seen tempation island , love island, big brother, celeb up the jungle (or whatever its called) any of these artificial life…[Read more]

  • I have said before that my father was correct in saying that the only place a man is really free is inside his own head. This is very ture now when a simple opinion or careless comment can land you in heaps of trouble because someone has been ‘offended’…

    As a child if I went home and said somebody had hurt my feelings mum would turn me round…[Read more]

  • @SpinningJen  we have that intergrated card here its called an OV or openbaar vervoer (public transport ) card a bit like the oyster cards used in London for the bus and tube except this will take you anywhere in the Netherlands on the  bus, tram or mainline train.

    Plus our bus service all matches train times so when you get off a train you k…[Read more]

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    @SpinningJen  that looks much like our countryside.  I love seeing such wide views and open skies..


    Dont forget if its clear tonight we have a lunar eclipse..

  • cassandra replied to the topic London Knife Attack in the forum In the News 10 months ago

    @SpinningJen youre right it was the IRA but whats in a name? terrorists are terrorists,  cowards who attack unarmed civilians or plant their bombs and run away murdering random people.

    Also I cant see why its ok to kill if your goverment tells you to but not if your God does… Murder is murder regardless of how its dressed up..

  • @SpinningJen  Alzhiemers is soul destroying both for the sufferer and the family.  Ive cared for people with it and my MIL had it,  after 30+ years of knowing her she totally forgot who I was but remembered my dogs by name when we visited her.

    She also forgot my daughter but when I pushed her wheelchair through a market I spotted my son and sa…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Brexit Near in the forum In the News 1 year ago

    @SpinningJen  I think you may be right about the election.  Although I dont really think it will help the situation and Corbyn is so unpopular people might just vote for Boris to keep Corbyn out!

    What a mess and  the only thing its good for now is a constant source of laughter for satrical shows , its  such a shame to see the country being bou…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Brexit Near in the forum In the News 1 year ago

    @SpinningJen  I know a guy who moved to NL but couldnt get on with the language barrier so he moved to NZ he says they are tough regarding the rules for permits to saty but he loves it. Hes on the south Island and he says its amazing to go hiking along the moutain snowline in the morning and then down to the beach for a swim in the afternoon.

    He…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic Too much of a good thing? in the forum Health & Diet 1 year ago

    Thanks @SpinningJen  I have to go to hospital next week anyway for dental surgery I developed a swelling above the front tooth where I hit my face, this has turned out to be infected and even though my regualr dentist cleaned and drained it the swelling has returned so I have to see the specialist. My dentist said that the fall was most likely…[Read more]

  • I suppose Im a bit like @SpinningJen  I have to balance clothes to fit my lifestyle.

    I do have some nicer clother but to be honest I live in jeans and tops. Part of this is practical and partly health . Since I got ill and was given some medications that I was allergic to I find it hard to regulate body tempreture I cant stand anything knitted…[Read more]

  • I have two dogs so they are my motivation, as @SpinningJen says walking is great.  Its free, it can be really interesting and it keeps both mind and body busy if you use your walk to observe the world around you.

    We walk about 10km per day thats normally 5-7 in the morning and the rest in two smaller walks during the day.

    I also do not diet and…[Read more]

  • Thankyou  @KitKatKitty and @SpinningJen  Im now accepting of my body the way it is but it was hard. I had to say goodbye to all my clothes soon after the treatment as I was forced to accept I would never fit into them again.


    One of the nicest things that ever happened was at the very worst time, I was huge (to my way of thinking) and I was w…[Read more]

  • @SpinningJen  .. Wales is lovely although every time I went there it poured with rain.

    Ireland .. My family come from Ireland and My father always said ‘when the troubles are over I will take you there’ sadly he died before the Good Friday agreement and peace. But my son and his family now live in Co Meath not far from Dublin and Ive visited. I…[Read more]

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