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    It’s proably soup for me too today as it is our art group so only biscuits at lunchtime, unless someone brings cake like last time, and tea is a bit rushed.


    I have looked at them but I see the coffee pods or other that are put in them as wasteful and expensive. I buy coffee, generally ready ground in packets for the percolatorĀ  as I never find the time to grind it (also have a hand grinder, not electric), and can vary what I buy but see the pods as limited. If I am not careful I would drink too much so having it on tap would not be a good idea. A toaster is essential though (ideally an open fire for real toast but these are rare nowadays lol).


    I think everyone needs a goal in life. These may be constantly changing but, not having one, means that you sit and vegitate and your health and wellbeing suffers.


    Anyone with a genuine interest in people would at least post a little even if they were nervous about fully joining in. It’s interesting and perhaps predictable that some people come here, join, make friendship requests then quickly go. Some have greater reason, business, research etc. Having worked in research in past years I am more tolerant at that as student projects can be hard work but scammy advertising stunts? – Just No!


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    Friday fish and chip time again!


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    It’s pretty similar here too Rebecca. I think it is in many places. Trying to control nature is difficult and maybe almost impossible. The virus will still be hiding, ready to come back. Although I don’t go for extremist my thoughts do go more toward allowing sensible mixing and more to keeping the vulnerable safe now as mass immunity is maybe, at least in the near future, the only real protection.


    After a quick cheat yesterday, tinned chicken soup, although with added fresh mushrooms, it is fish again today. I think I have some old tinned tuna to which I shall cook up with this and that for a tasty meal.


    It maybe shows the power of marketing when Amazon Prime Day is actually two days. I suppose it is like Black Friday lasting (seemingly) endlessly.

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    Happy Birthday Cassandra xxx


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    I hope she gets on Ok Emily. The blood soaked bed does not sound very good šŸ™


    My all time favourites are Christmas carols. Some that come to mind are:

    Silent Night

    O Little Star of Bethlehem

    Away in a Manger

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

    Good King Wenceslas

    There are many more. I also like others eg Jingle Bells.

    Some of the pop songs are Ok but they seem superficial to me. Even though I am not particuarly religious the carols are what really remind me of Christmas.



    That sounds nice Cassandra. Yesterday I finally had Seabass salad. Today it is Sprats with garlick toast.


    I have not decided yet but shopping this morning, for the week, so I will see what’s on offer.


    It does sound like pretty nasty abuse to me. Secretly recording arguments is, to me, a total infringement. I would re-iterate – seek professional advice as soon as you can. Things likely will only get worse. My opinion is that if he agreed to counselling, as you don’t get on well, things might improve but will only get worse otherwise as your relationship seems in a downward spiral.


    Thinking about her x Just be there for her if you can. A friendly face and chat will support her far more than prayer.

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