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    That’s good Kitty. We need to do what we can. My approach is to start by doing what I can in the garden. Ok only one medium tree but I have several little ones too and it is a tiny garden. I think everyone with the space should help as they can. I feel we need to integrate with nature as well as keeping those forests that still exist.

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    I probably could but am unlikely to. When I am out I don’t drink at all as I am usually driving and so avoid any alcohol at all.


    Fantastic news Kitty 🙂



    There is an appointment system in place where we live Cassandra for the same reason. I have noticed lots of people have been hiring skips too to sort out old things while they have time. I was amazed at one house as I noticed they used two skips in the end, but do wonder if they were sharing or whether some of it was business waste.

    I hope you get to a tidy state, and don’t forget anything.

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    Are you a nervous type of person, and worry about it?

    We grew up just learning to get on with things. When I think about it I do have grumbly tums, sickly feelings and other but mostly almost ignore them. When I was little I ate virtually anything edible, frozen, cooked and even uncooked, straight out of fields and hedgerows too. Thinking back, it did cause a few issues but I think it did help with longer term immunity.


    Being a very practical person I find I keep all kinds of things. I find it annoying when I think of an idea to sort a problem and then find I recently threw out things that I could use to make it happen. That’s why I have lots of different tpes of glues, materials, paper and card etc which may be useful. Even though most of it is tidy you would hate the problem of keeping it so and clean Kitty. I am a bit of a collector lol


    I do one or two of those daily but seldom do them all together. I am usually too busy for that.


    We are here with you Kitty x



    I’m so glad Cassandra! Not good but at least something they are able to sort. I hope he recovers well.


    Hi Matilda, welcome to the forum.

    It’s not often I hear that saying but I probably hear it far more than anyone else here. It’s East Midlands but not Lincolnshire, where I live, as far as I know. I’m with Cassandra on this, broad accents take a lot of understanding. As an example, being close to Yorkshire I often see things written in a Yorkshire accent and, being able to understand in the main because it is similar to Lincolnshire, as least some parts, I do wonder how many just look at the words with bewilderment. I love local accents 🙂

    Still I digress! I am happy to meet you and look forward to your company.

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    The fatigue syndrome sounds likely to me too. One thing I do find is that when I have finished a big project, either artwork or other things, I do find that I am heavily fatigued and have difficulty doing anything. At this time of year it is much worse as the heat is energy sapping. I am well aware of it so I don’t worry too much. although at the moment I have to be careful to not get too run down as the virus is about. I do find I get small ailments like colds or a cough at this time.

    Tell me Kitty, have you tried yoga or something to relax your mind. I know how you drive to keep busy and also keep your place clean. Maybe you need to learn to relax, even though you maybe think you are doing?

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    Personally I would hate to be dissapointed. Yes sometimes I do look at these calendars and things but I do think that the reality would be far less than the dream.



    Good luck with the tests Cassandra. I hope he is Ok and recovers soon x



    Whose to tell the aliens are any better? Human life is a bit of a contradiction because, in nature, it is the survival of the fittest but it is our caring nature that we support the weakest too hence overcrowding and problems. Obviously a very contraversial solution but birth control may be the only solution?


    I wasn’t certain that they did them Kitty so looked anyway. I found this free one which may be of interest:



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