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    The book I have may well be rare Cassandra as it’s seldom mentioned. After reading it I was not sure whether I had read it before, but it may be under the different title. My copy, I got from the local book exchange, is a 1973 seventeenth impression so, as not a first edition, not valuable I don’t think. It may be one of the last though as it even shows a gollywog on the cover. It is a paperback.

    I am now reading Georges Simenon – ‘Maigret and the Ghost’. The first two stories in this were originally written only a little bit later (1940’s) so it will be interesting to compare.


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    Reader’s Digest is completeley different but almost in the same boat as National Geographic. Yet another stalwart of Doctor’s surgeries.

    I hardly dare mention the title of the book I have just finished reading as it would probably be banned now, for the title,  although by a top author and Ok for 1939 when it was published: Agatha Christie – ‘Ten Little Niggers’. It is a crime drama with no direct racial theme, characters or attacks, just the attitude of the times which would obviously not be tolerated now. I read these old crime novels, with hers being stereotypical of the times.

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    I am not wanting to dissuade anyone from the magnitude of the situation, but I have noticed that although the figures for the numbers of people in the Uk getting the virus and dying are shown as going up rapidly, has anyone noticed that the figure reported for people recovering has not changed over several days? Am I imagining things? We know people are recovering (Prince Charles for one) so obviously the figures are very skewed toward the bad side, as obviously they can far more easily report deaths.  My suspicion is that there are very very many with mild symptoms getting and recovering without even being registered. The figures given are NHS / Department of Health figures, not actual and show what they provide.

    Another point I would make is that, as well as the 1918 epedemic, there have been several such occurrances over the years. The main difference now is that communications are far better so we are far more aware of the progress. This makes us better able to deal with it but it does become far more terrifying.

    Keep with the isolation everyone but also keep cheerful. Another blip on the complexeties of life.


    My one hope is that, after it is all over, the governments of the world will realise what a difference the reduction in pollution had and work more toward permanent change.

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    Hi Flossy, welcome from the Uk 🙂



    I used to have lots of oranges. At least one a day but my teeth were starting to be affected by the acid so I had to reduce the number. I have perhaps two a week now of different citrus. Sometimes limes or lemons as well as oranges.

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    Welcome to the forum from the Uk! 🙂

    Please don’t hesitate to join in. We are a small, but friendly group so it may seem quiet at times but one or two of us are always about and ready to chat.

    Just jump in! lol

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    I suggest trying substitution thereapy Kitty. Find something that you really love that is more beneficial and eat that when you think about chocolate.


    It’s interesting you say that Cassandra as, although I have only used the anti-bug lotions a few times I have found that my nails are suffering. I will find my bottle of nail oil, which I seldom use.

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    I remember ‘Farmers Weekly’ here as my father used to get it when we were little. I grew up in a farming community and am not too far distant now so I would still have a look if I came across one.


    I don’t read magazines much these days as books are comparitively cheaper and many magazine type of articles are available online. I have accumulated a large pile of fictional books to read. Our local book exchange is very good, so I have swopped out many of my old ones.


    I used to drink far more than I do now. It’s years since I couldn’t walk in a straight line. Live without? Probably but maybe not likely.


    I do wonder with these people who stockpile. They will be sitting at home not exercising chomping their way through a mountain of cakes making themselves fatter and fatter. More fool them!

    Good for your Kitty 🙂

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    That’s generally true but in some places – the health service for one – women are better placed. I have come across men who, otherwise domineering, were actually afraid of women in a higher position. I found that using my strengths helped, even though I am not the go ahead and aim for the top type. It tends to take strong willed women to get to the higher ranks but they do. Yes there is predjudice in most places but there is the right approach and attitude of mind. To feel you are at a disadvantage means you are already considering having lost.


    Our art group has posponed meetings until the end of the month as there are vulnerable members, but this was before the current lockdown. We should be meeting again but I don’t see it happening before things are safe. This is pretty much an informal group but we do hire a room at a village hall.

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