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    I’m recently married and right now I’m still on my honeymoon high.

    Congratulations Mamie!

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    In another life, maybe I would. Except for your poetry I don’t read much Kitty. You do remind me a little bit of an old favourite poet of mine, John Cooper Clarke. I prefer more contemporary things than most of the old writers.

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    I just looked at my nails and was almost surprised at how pretty they look. Surprising as I do so much in the garden. It nice to pamper them from time to time, and I do work hard to keep them nice.

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    It is interesting to think another way about alien life. Thinking of ourselves then all the way to microbes and things which in comparison are alien. Then thinking about such things floating in the atmosphere which they do. Then, one way or another, being carried into space. This has been going on for millions of years. A remote idea but over millions of years? There may be a colony of at least microbes somewhere, originally from here. Would we call them alien life? Would science then gradually learn they were originally from here? I think yes! The future of forensic archaeology will be very interesting. That is even without considering life from other places.


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    It does sound an ideal from the outside Mamie, working from home, but I would get the feeling of never going anywhere. I think there is a lot more job satisfaction from working more directly with people, particularly in their homes. I found that it can pay fairly well but it also can be very hard and involved work at times. The responsiblity seems far greater to me when peoples lives are involved. There have been times when I just  had to to shut it out and relax which can be hard.


    It sounds like you have some interesting gadgets Mamie. I’d love to try the sunrise simulator. My favourite wake up is actually the bird’s dawn chorus but in these days of double glazing so better soundproofingI don’t seem to hear it the same now. I am glad you don’t get your abduction dreams any more. They sound like a nightmare.

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    Oh dear Kitty, I hope you have managed to patch things up. It’s the trouble with some of these machines that they take over. My gripe is Windows which always wants to update when I am turning off in a rush. My battery is not good now and I don’t like leaving with the power on so it usually delays me.

    Maybe you need to change some of the ‘What I could do’ to what I will do? I know from experience that could do’s often don’t happen. The best thing though is not to get stressed. With me, that’s often the time it all goes wrong.


    I know there are strange things that we do not understand. To me, it is superstition and religion which tend to cloud things. People have to feel they are either in control or whatever happens can be attributed to god. There seem to be people about who do either have some understanding of these things, or more likely / often, are not afraid so live with them.



    Also, nothing was ever made better by being miserable about it!

    Blakey in ‘On the Buses’ lol


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    I was very similar Kitty in that I didn’t do as well as I should at school and later got my qualifications at college. In my case it was much later and I was in my thirties before I finished, at least except for my drawing classes which were later. I find it interesting looking back. Even though time itself has moved forward in a linear fashion I can put my main experiences into defined compartments. I have had lots of them and, although there must be some overlap, it does not seem so.

    Permanent tattoos don’t appeal to me at all Cassandra. I am unsure about nude photography but woud love a fashion shoot. Maybe it would depend on circumstance. I get very nervous but could get into cosplay and things with the right group.  I love vintage or even ancient fashions.

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    I have glanced at Dutch but it did confuse me with it’s similarity to German. I did want to learn German but I found it significanly harder than French and other southern Euopean languages. Even funnily to Cyrillic languages as well. I am only fluent in English but can understand quite a bit of French and do checkout technical things at times in other languages but, although I can often understand meanings from the nouns and figures, I am not conversant with the grammar.

    One incident I always find amusing is that, years ago, my sister had a Dutch friend (a relation of people she knew in the village). She spoke English well, but worked part time in a US airbase. Her English was with a strong American accent as well as Dutch. It just sounded strange but surprisingly pleasant lol


    I have always tended to be more into rhythm. Guitar riffs as well. Carlos Santana is coming into my mind at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ab4EFELunU

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    The satisfaction comes for me when it is out on the line on a breezy sunny day.

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    I am sorry to hear this. I can understand why you feel hurt as, in those circumstances, I know I would feel too. I see the spectre of social media here and it does make me wonder.

    In my opinion yor better judgement is probably telling you right. You have tried and finally found that she is becoming hostile. Obviously she is upset about something but chasing it, either with her or friends, may well make things worse. I have sometimes found in the past that another friend I have made has been in the position of seeing things from outside the circle and is able to shed light on things but, even then, a happy conclusion is yet another thing.

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    It sounds a bit like the falling off a cliff and never hitting the bottom, Maybe something to do with facing your fears, but I am no expert. I say that because I often had the falling off a cliff and pushed myself to hit the bottom one time. An interesting experience, but not to be feared.

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