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    I use Facebook to keep in contact with old friends from work. I am also a member of one or two local groups. One of which is for nature and the enviroment in which people show their natural world photos and even daily dog walks lol. Those from other parts of the world I find very interesting, as well as the dogs. Many of my family don’t use Facebook, but one or two do. I have a seperate account with family and more technical things, but like to keep them separate as I like to get away from technology at times. It is tricky keeping things separate though so there is a lot of inter-mixing. I think about combining things but never get around to it.

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    I will have a look Kitty. At school things were rather traditional with the Brontes and Shakespeare. I never took up literature, going more towards the sciences. I liked authors such as George Orwell. One of my favourite books is ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. It now worryingly seems to be becoming fact.


    I can be so abstract that people often don’t know how to react.I am one of those irritating people who often change their train of thought mid-sentence. Yes I like to look good and get on with people but I am often so engrossed in what I am doing that effort by anyone to diminish my personal power is effectively circumvented. Perhaps a no win situation from both sides!


    I just had to check and found out he is famous but, believe it or not, I have never heard of him before.


    I was amused at times with a boss I had in my previous work. He was the agressive ‘macho’ male who tended to bully his way around but many people noticed that he was really afraid of women and had troubles with other managers. This was in the NHS is which one of the few places where women can and do progress upward more easily. There was one particular female consultant who was very set in her ways and dominant in her empire (maybe a man in disguise lol). There were a number of times when my boss acually hid, and also started to work from home far more often, just to avoid her. He seldom got his way with her. I must admit she was a bit of a tyrant as she was known to have nurses in tears on her ward, but I quite admired her as I found her fair, respectful and friendly.

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    You are not allergic in some way to the gloves are you Kitty? For instance, some people have a rubber allergy and have to use other types. It may not normally be apparent unless you have weakened skin from the original injury.


    A few teasers for a wet morning lol


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    I have been to most areas in the Uk except Northern Ireland, the far north of Scotland, far southwest and the Channel Islands. The only places I have been abroad were Majorca and Ireland. Not being one for spending days on the beach I wandered everywhere in Majorca, enjoying the change in scene and culture. There are lots of places I would like to visit. My favourite used to be the Amazon jungle but I don’t have a favourite now as there are lots of places to visit for different reasons.


    For me it is looking at things on the computer. Not particularly buying as I don’t have the space (too much already lol), but I look things up then get sidetracked when I see something interesting, and before I know it a couple of hours may have passed. I download a lot too and have lots of information I never get the time to read. My work used to involve a lot of research, which I loved, and I still spend lots of time doing it with whatever subject I am persuing.

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    No chance of sunblind here this week as we seem to be in the monsoon season at the moment. I don’t think I will get out for a good walk this week. The first time since Christmas.  That is a more natural shot of you Mamie. It has a nice ‘fresh air’ look about it.


    Hi Julia, welcome from the Uk.



    It sounds like you are doing all the right things. I think Daisy’s comment about avoiding stress is important. In my opinion the atmospere now can make quite a difference to things after the birth too.

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    I love my hiking boots too! They enable me to go most anywhere. I do like my sandals as well.

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    @kitkatkitty I was disappointed when they stopped classes too. What does not appear to be understood by them is that there is more to such things than just the learning. From the makeup of our class alone it showed that with a variation of different people attending. I remember too, one time I was sent from work too for a specific technical short course. I see our local college still does some evening courses but the school I went to has stopped.

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    If ill advertise my art it’ll be only when ill feel i’m good enough to show my art to other people…

    Although I understand your way of thinking here it might be that you never feel you are good enough.  It is part of growing to face the world. I find the criticism helpful, although it still hurts a bit. We had a art group meeting last night and I showed around a photograph with progress on a painting I am working on. The main subject is a horse and one person said it’s neck looked more like a giraffe. That was true and I explained why but it was good to get the feedback so I could adress the issue early as it is often harder to change things at a later stage. I don’t have a Deviant art account although I have seen some things from there. Try testing the water a bit. Start simple. You’ll find you are not alone and even if not making close friends you will begin to share ideas and make faster progress.

    Here is the horse painting so you can see the problem. It’s nowhere near finished as yet but getting there (an oil painting on canvas).

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