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    Well done! It’s probably about time I have a major sortout but I oftens do things drawer by drawer. I did sort out my shoes when I received those new boots I mentioned. There were some not worn for years, and probably never will be.


    I am sorry to hear tha Cassandra. I know a lost nail is painful and takes a long time to heal. That said, I can laugh with relief as much as anything else that your stroke was something that turned out to be so silly. You must have made a pretty picture! Take care of yourself while you mend <3

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    I have just finished reading ‘If I Stay’ by Gayle Forman. An unusual, sad story about a girl in a coma after a road crash who is existing in spirit form listening and watching people she knows who visit her comatose body. She has the decision to make in living or dying. I won’t say more but it is very different and made me think.

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    I am similar in that I have not, but did write some poetry around school age. I know my schoolbooks are in the loft so I still have some but not easily accessible. I have written the odd song too. These will be around but I know not where.


    They can make me jump but mostly I leave them around the house as they deal with other pests.  The large ones we get here are not dangerous. There are some in this country that can bite but I tend to avoid holding them anyway. The furthest I go is to touch one of the large ones on the leg to coax it away from danger; If I am putting the lid back on the water butt, for instance, to avoid trapping it. Probably a 1/10 for me.


    I used to play guitar but nothing serious. Back in my teens there was a little bit of a group scene and I did try singing although I am not good at all and I did find it difficult, even in front of a small number of people. Like most things, I think it takes commitment, but most people are likely better than they think with practice.


    I have never really had a soulmate for any length of time. There have been occasions when I have fleetingly connected with someone although, thinking on Cassandra’s post, I do remember our dog Dinky from years ago. We had a very close bond although I only really realised it later.

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    My legs and my hair. My tum is putting in a bid now as I am gradually getting it in trim LOL


    Probably cheese and onion. I prefer home made sandwiches with real butter and chunky bread.


    I managed to get out too although I kept to the backroads and farm tracks rather than muddy fields. There was one particular spot where I had to walk along the high grass verge as the road was completely flooded with a few inches of water. A man walking his dog warned me of another he couldn’t get through in boots but I must have mis-understood him as to where it was as I never saw it.


    I cannot really understand these wood burner fires myself. To burn wood and pollute the atmosphere when we should be trying to reduce these things?

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    It was rather wet here too Cassandra. I have got a large percentage of the apples picked though


    Well maybe it is the change in the weather which is not helping? This seems to happen, at least to me. I have gained a bit of a cough this past week.


    I think the court made the right decision as I don’t think you can have any one person shutting down democratic process.  My opinion is that there will be a general election which will possibly give an indecisive result. The only real way forward is to have a new referendum vote which may well give a stay result as the people, both for out or in, are generally sick of the incompetance of government with their members supporting their own aims, not that of the people.

    It is interesting to think that in the times of Henry VIII etc, Boris would now be in the tower with prospects of his head adorning a spike.

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    Not someone I know. I live a sheltered life 😀 I took a quick look. I like her music and art, but if there is one thing I am not keen on at all is interviews. It’s good to hear a person in a straight interview but I get really irritated when a few moments of song are broken by someone rambling on about themselves. It’s neither a music video or an interview. One of my pet gripes :/

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