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    Although I am not personally involved in or watch too much sport I do see that sport is big enough for it’s own place.

    A good idea Jessica!


    A nice morning and the tomato plant I repotted and left outside in the open all night has survived and looking good 🙂 When I came back home last night at around10:00 it was feeling cold brr.

    Enjoy your day ladies.


    It’s looking dull today but I have drawing group tonight 🙂

    The tomatoes and peppers I potted out in the greenhouse yesterday seem to have survived the night so I may well pot on more of them today. Our front window is getting a bit crowded with little plants 😆


    I too am petrified of heights!

    In the past I have been on some of the smaller roller coasters but only when with friends, not wanting to stand out.

    One of my most exciting times though was as a passenger in a small aeroplane doing aerobatics. I don’t know if it was the perspex canopy or just that things looked so unreal with no wind and the patchwork view but looking straight down at the top of a loop was fantastic!



    I have to say though, that there are some sensible ideas – referring to the risks of being out alone at night or respect for elders!


    I think there is some debate over many things in medicine, and it is of little consequence, but with vaccines, if a number of people do not use them it is of consequence to all. A major example is Smallpox! It would not have been eradicated without mass vaccination.

    As one who prefers to live in avoidance of medicines and seldom take pills I can see the point, but there is a line at which I would use them.


    Lovely day again.

    If there is a good time for a washing machine to go, then it is when the weather is good so things are less stressed. I have found that after that amount of time a washing machine will be wearing out generally. Time to look for something nice!

    Enjoy your day 🙂


    There is some stigma here in some circles but in others it is maybe almost the other way. I think that it would not help in some professions (for instance most people would hope that someone with mental health issues would be the linchpin in a safety critical operation, no matter how open minded they were).

    Generally though, there are less issues these days. I had a period of depression a few years ago, but never had any negative responses, both in work and private life.


    Things really did go downhill when the kids were at home.

    I think the first thing I did when they left was have a spending spree with clothes that may well have been a bit young. Short skirts and even jeans on the hip (I have slim hips so not as bad as it sounds 😆 ).

    Nowadays I have settled down and co-ordinating outfits a little better. It would be nice to lose my podge as I like close fitting clothes. To me there is nothing worse than a podgy tum and a bodycon dress.


    I am about 5′ 10”
    Slim and reasonably fit.
    I have great legs.


    My feelings are that you should stay. It’s good that there are a variation of people here, so to get different opinions on topics.

    Good luck with the tooth 🙂

    Whatever you do – take care x


    I am not sure of the ‘potatoes’ in the free food list Souxi. I nearly live on them in one form or another. I regard them as a major contender for my overweight!


    If you have more than one browser, try using the other. I find it useful to have more than one. More than once I have got by issues by using a different browser. You would then be more likely to determine where the problem is.


    Morning ladies.

    Lovely sunny day again. Bunnies are out in the garden. Now it’s so much lighter, they can stay out longer which is nice.

    Enjoy your day ladies.

    Lovely morning here – bright and sunny.

    I used to love the bunnies coming into the garden (wild ones). Before the neighbours moved in with their cats it was a common sight. There was lots of wildlife. There still is but it is less obvious.

    Have a nice week everyone!


    People who yell at and hit children, and who are needlessly agressive/ assertive.

    Having to tidy other people’s mess, epecially around the house, before I can start what I planned to do.

    Nuisance phone calls!

    Devious (intentional or otherwise) tricks of supermarkets to sell goods. Particularly unreduced goods being placed on shelves next to reduced labels.

    Supermarkets having a reduction of an item, then having none in stock.

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