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    I am listening as I reply – Coming along brilliant.

    You are doing far better than I would. I used to play the guitar but have not touched them for some years although I still have them; Both acoustic and electric. I found that I was disillusioned by the lack of good words from my family so took up art instead as it is easier to look at my work and be proud even if others hate it!

    I look at you playing and still think fondly so maybe? With my many hobbies it would be a squeeze though. My reading ability is very slow so I cannot read and play at the same time but I used to write quite a bit so limited the problem. It must be a big advantage for you though!




    I like essential oils and use to freshen the house up in pot pourri.

    My favourite at the moment though is eucalyptus. I seldom use it in the house itself but there are many recommendations around for use as a repellant. As such I use it in the greenhouse and garden to deter pests. So much more humane and seems to work, at least to some extent. A few drops in a litre of water in a spray bottle is good for misting plants and other areas.


    Keep busy and enjoy life

    Be confident!


    One of my cousins spends much of her time with this. A niece has also got involved so the common knowledge of the family tree has been broadened. We had a big family get together toward the end of last year. which was very interesting as there were many members whom I had never met 🙂

    A good idea that was carried out there was to have a table on which all the photographs of people who were not known were put. As soon as someone was identifed the details were written on the back of the photo. Lots of unknown people were identified. x


    I don’t have any friends that are really close, which is sometimes not so good, but I do have friends I can speak to. As time as passed I have realised that friends are important. Whoever you are living with, it takes only a minor problem to leave you alone, which hurts, even if only for a short while.


    I love to curl up on the sofa with a good book. In earlier times it was in front of an open fire, but those days are gone except for the odd pub which still have them. They make even such a public place homely I think. Although I don’t go often, it really makes them more inviting!


    Yesterday it was Debbie Reynolds 78’s at a friends – In memory 🙁 x


    As my worklife is winding down – To do my best to keep active and fit!


    A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone x


    I know well how that goes!

    My method is to do things a few minutes here and there, keeping generally active. I did take the opportunity today for a long walk out in the sunshine, working off yesterdays excess.


    Hi Kat

    Welcome x

    I don’t listen to music a lot but I do love a wide variation of things from most time periods. I sometimes get engrossed with a feel for the times!


    Thank you Lindylo 🙂

    I don’t actually live in the city of Lincoln, but a village outside so am very close to the countryside. I have not actually seen any Foxes closeby but I know they are about as I saw one a while ago while out walking a few miles from home. There are a lot of animals which are seldom seen. A snake (non venomous Grass Snake) sped across the road in front of me a couple of years back – It had been scared off by children playing in a stream closeby. I was amazed at how quickly it moved! I love nature so very little worries me. It is nice to get out into the country where there are few people.


    Hi Mallen

    Welcome to the forum 🙂

    I hope you get a good Christmas. Take the time to relax and spend time with your family. I know it is an ongoing process to sort things in life, but it is worth taking time out from time to time to recharge the batteries. Just keep looking forward. You will get there! I hope your daughters are supportive (as well as your husband). As a family you are complete.

    Don’t be sad. Christmas is a time to be together. The presents are just trimmings . Your daughters are old enough to understand. Keep the dialog flowing and try not to let the stress get to any of you, causing tempers and raised voices.

    Tracy x


    Thank you x

    I do have a small light box as well. That is how I got the idea.

    Thank you for the link. It is interesting how close the Elk live with society. Apart from those in zoos and private collections we don’t hve Elk here I don’t think. Local to me we have the small Muntjac deer. They are getting very common, even though shy, and are causing problems with accidents. I have seen one early morning very close to home, and several within a few miles. Some deer have even been seen within the city boundaries of LIncoln (my home town).

    I have also seen one somewhat larger locally. Probably Roe deer, but it moved away so fast that I am not sure. We do have larger ones than Muntjac deer locally but except in private ownership, no Red Deer (the largest in UK).

    Do your Elk cause problems?

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