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    What do you think about a woman’s public and/or private voice? Do women have the right to be heard? Specifically, do you feel you are heard by those around you; other women, your children, your husband, other men in your life, do they really hear you? Do they patronize you? Do they take your points and perspectives seriously…[Read more]

  • I would question the motivation of the person writing the article. Was it a man? Was it a woman? What was the point other than making women over 50 feel they are old and no longer sexy and have no right to flaunt it if they got it. I will be 50 next year and have no intention of falling into the trap of being stereotyped. Yes it helps that I don’t…[Read more]

  • I think you should wear what looks nice on you and what makes you feel confident. The rules about proper clothing are dumb in my humble opinion. Yes the context makes a difference but we aren’t living in the 1920’s y’know?

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    Thanks everyone! I have a deep affection for boots Rhonda. My man has sneakers and a couple pairs of dress shoes… no they do not get it and they don’t have to as long as they support the habit. 😛 (support- meaning he just smiles and nods when I show him the latest pair I had to have).

    Beautiful work Spinning Jen! I have worked with acrylics…[Read more]

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    Hi there everyone! Glad to be here and interested to see what kind of awesome people “live” here. I am an avid reader of non-fiction, love gardening, writing, painting (watercolors mostly), and  outdoorsy stuff (camping and hiking). My current favorite author is Joan Didion, her essays are amazing!

    Happy New Year! Happy to be here!


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