• @terrihoney

    Thankyou for your post clarifying some of your ealier points. I have to agree with you that a lack of morality is to blame for much of what ails our society now. Although I believe in freedoms of speech religion and sexuality I also believe in respecting others rights and I have to say there is too much one sidedness in todays world.…[Read more]

  • cassandra replied to the topic usa very scary country in the forum In the News 3 years ago

    @Terrihoney please dont get angry.

    The fact is people are voicing fears , those fears are real to them ..It might be different where you live or in the circles you move but to them those fears are real and present.

    As for views from those living outside the US it might be a good idea to really read and think about those posts because this is the…[Read more]