• I’m a firm believer in the saying that most girls learn at a young age: “Men come and go, but friends are for life”.

    This is why a woman should never put a partner before a friend.

    There’s nothing stronger than a female friendship.

  • [quote quote=210085]My view is that Trump is nuts, sorry for those people who like him. His attitude to women alone is enough to condemn him. He promises things that the masses like but always backtracks when his advisers or reality prove to him he is wrong. However did he get elected !!![/quote]

    He is an utter misogynist, who is kindly undoing…[Read more]

  • Another sunny, warm, lockdown day,the girls and me spending it in the garden in our bare feet, liberated and at one with nature that way. You know you’ve had a summerish day, at one with nature, when you have to wash your feet, rather than take your shoes off, when you get in!

    That makes ME and the girls happy. God bless sunny days.

  • Walking around my garden, in bare feet. Today was warm, and I did that for the first time this year. It’s so liberating. I shun shoes and socks in reasonable weather, and go for bare feet around the front and back garden or for very short distances, and for flip-flops elsewhere. My daughters also like to do the same.

    As a feminist, my partner has…[Read more]

  • [quote quote=209529]My Trufflegirl, you are harsh, pretending to be upset about something your guy has said or done is what we all do and keep silent. He then tries to explain himself and get into your good books, sometimes it is pitiful. I could not be angry for long though and it makes him feel good if I say I forgive him with a kiss and a…[Read more]

  • [quote quote=209454]Tell him the covid19 new rules are that he has to sleep in the spare room ![/quote]

    Oh, it doesn’t have to be April Fool’s Day, for me to demote him in such a way; only, it’s to the sofa!

    I’ve done that for genuine reasons, but also, on occasion, when I just fancied the bed to myself; haven’t all us women done so, at some…[Read more]

  • So, with the fun day being tomorrow, what jokes are we going to be playing on our partners??? I haven’t decided, as yet. I did the ‘fake pregnancy’ one some years ago, so I can’t do that one. Any ideas???

  • [quote quote=209105]Slightly off subject but. My father was the one who told me that because I was a girl I would have to fight twice as hard and be twice as good at anything just to be thought of as worthwhile.

    He explained that men often feel threatend by strong intelligent women and will try anything to keep them from achieving.

    My mother is…[Read more]

  • [quote quote=209089]I agree with your views, Trufflegirl.

    You would’ve thought that women – in the21st century – would be treated equally to men. But, no: women are still seen as the child bearers, the caring one who always cooks the dinner yet holds back on food herself. The woman who never argues or has an opinion… we need to get away from th…[Read more]

  • I’m Aries, which tends to mean ambitious, passionate, strong-willed, impatient and bold; all of which describe me. This is reflected in many aspects of my life, particularly in my feminist beliefs and activism: I’m passionate about women’s rights, am strong-willed in doing what I can to fight for them, bold in my endeavours, and impatient for…[Read more]

  • [quote quote=208603]
    Also, women tend to say “It was luck” or “But Sally really did most of it”. When – in fact – the woman did it herself, for herself, but feels she’d be big headed or bragging. And women are definitely told never to brag or boast. It is seen as unfeminine and anti-social.

    So true. The patriarchal society we live in st…[Read more]

  • I am confident, loudish, passionate, assertive and forthright, with a strong sense of sisterhood/female solidarity; all of the things that society condemns females for being, which is perhaps how and why I became a feminist, and also how I continue to be a very ardent one.

    The traits that I don’t get along with the people who sport them are,…[Read more]

  • Jesus, I didn’t even know that was a thing; isn’t it International Men’s Day EVERY day?? It perhaps should be renamed ‘International Misogynists’ Day’. As if a lot of men don’t already feel smug and superior, as it is…..


  • My partner got a slap today, after joking that there should be International Men’s Day! His punishment – other than the slap, lol – was a lengthy lecture about male privilege! Worse still, is that I’ve heard men say that with all seriousness; ignorant, or what?? ‘Check your privilege’, as us feminists say.

  • As a feminist, I’m glad to see this mentioned, and I am glad that such a day exists. However, as you say, it would be absurd to take this to mean that us females have anything even remotely resembling equality. The reality is that even the western world is still very misogynistic, and that we still live with discrimination at every turn.

    Women…[Read more]

  • This sort of thing reminds me of why I’m a feminist; ‘equality’ is a myth, with even the western world being very misogynistic.

  • Relaxed dress codes – I work in an all-female office, and we’re allowed to wear flip-flops, and I can walk about in bare feet in the summer; beats dress codes!

  • Skinny dipping was something I did a few times, when I was that sort of age, so I don’t understand why the prudishness, either!

    I have some very funny memories of such times. One time, on holiday, a female friend and I went skinny-dipping with our boyfriends, got out before they did, stole their clothes, ran off (keeping our flip-flops off and…[Read more]

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