• Underhiswings3 posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    Need advice! My husband and I have a set of good friends (I’ll call them John and Lisa) that we have known for about 4 years. Recently, I made a comment, I was totally kidding, and my husband said it could have been taken as rude. So, i apologized. (These comments and apology were don’t through messenger) Since the comment was made, “John” has completely ignored me. He doesn’t even acknowledge that I’m standing in a group of people. He has not said more than 2 words to me. My husband is pissed because I am being disrespected. He wants to confront “John”. However, I know how “John” is and we feel that if confronted, this will end our friendship. We vacation together, go to dinner together, our sons are great friends, etc. I would hate to lose my friend but, i also feel that I can not put up with someone desrespecting me! What would ya’ll do?