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The Right Way to Take Care of Your Hands to Keep Them Looking Beautiful

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On a daily basis, we tend to pay a lot of attention as to how we look in the mirror. We fuss over our eye shadow and lip color, over the concealer and our baggy eyes, and over how long we can get our eyelashes. Our beauty routines seem to almost always skip one of the most used parts of our bodies – our hands. Some of us use these to cook, some to type, and some to dig and get dirty. We all use them to bond with our children, our spouse, or our pets. So why not take special care of them as well? Here are a few simple ways you can help keep your hands soft and beautiful for years to come.

The importance of moisturizing to keep hands healthy and happy

If you work with or handle paper all day long, you’ll realize how much moisture is stripped from your hands each day. The rest of us may not realize just how thirsty our hands get, but like any other part of the body, they need moisture too. Many people may mistakenly believe that drinking adequate amounts of water is enough to hydrate the body, but our skin has special needs.

The largest organ of the human body, our skin should be paid as much attention as any other part of the body. Our hands, along with our feet, are often neglected in our daily beauty routines. It’s easy to remember to put make-up on our faces, since that’s often what people notice first about us. However, unless you receive a manicure on a regular basis, you may not always stop to think about the beauty of your hands.

It’s important to remember that like your face, your hands need regular exfoliation, moisturizing and even a daily application of sunscreen. Hands are often exposed to sunlight more often than the rest of the body – think of the sun rays they absorb each day while you’re driving your car. Daily moisture and sunscreen will protect and hydrate the skin, keeping it supple and wrinkle free for longer.

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How to give yourself a home manicure

Giving yourself a manicure at home may not seem like a simple way to keep your hands beautiful, but it really is easier than it seems. Why spend your hard earned money having your nails professionally done every other week? Save that money and do your nails at home. All you really need is some hand and nail cream, a nail file, some polish, and a cuticle trimmer.

One thing you’ll want to do every day is push back your cuticles. This is easy if done just after your shower when your skin is moist and flexible. Now is also the perfect time to use a hand and nail cream, as your skin will absorb all the nutrients after a warm soak in the water. Using the flat end of the cuticle trimmer, or even your own nails, gently push back each cuticle. Doing this every day will keep the cuticles from becoming overgrown, but the cuticle trimmer works nicely when they do grow out too much.

If you do a lot of computer work, or are otherwise busy with your hands, you may want to keep your nails short. A good sharp pair of nail clippers and a professional quality nail file will help you do this. Be sure to get a file that has a rough side for quick filing, and a smoother side for the final, finer filing of the nails.

Polish your nails in a color of choice. Don’t worry if you get some on your skin or cuticles. Simply wait until the polish is completely dry and soak your hands in warm soapy water. The polish will easily scrape off your skin, and your nails will look professionally done.

Stop biting your fingernails!

One of the best things you can do to prevent your hands from looking beautiful is bite your fingernails. Some people have been biting their nails for so many years that they hardly have any nail left. Not only are bitten nails unsightly, but if you do decide to grow them out in the future, they will have a very weak and malnourished start. They will probably peel, split and crack several times over while growing them out.

Nail biting is often a sign of high anxiety. When we can’t fidget, chew gum, twirl our hair or eat, we need to keep our hands and/or our mouths busy. Any woman who has dealt with chronic anxiety knows this. Even those who are not anxious women may find themselves wanting to bite their nails in extraordinarily stressful situations.

There are two ways you can keep from biting your nails. You can eliminate or deal with the anxiety you are experiencing, or you can try a deterrent. A couple of good examples of deterrents include smelly nail coatings that taste nasty when you put your fingers in your mouth, or prettily painted nails that you won’t want to put in your mouth because they’re just that beautiful. The latter option sounds more appealing, doesn’t it?

Vitamins and supplements for hand health

Our body’s hair, skin, and nails need nutrients to grow. If our vitamin or mineral levels are low, if we are malnourished or if our hormones become unbalanced, it can affect how well our skin and nails look. To maintain a beautiful complexion, the first thing we need is a more than adequate amount of water. Water flushes out the impurities through our skin and helps promote the turnover of skin from old to new.

Regular intake of a daily multivitamin may help ensure that all of your nutritional needs are met. Your nails can grow beautifully long and strong with additional supplementation of biotin, or you can consider a topical application of base coats that include acrylic fibers or even diamond dust.

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