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The Right Way to Take Care of Your Skin to Slow Down the Aging Process

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Young women often do not think much about their skincare routines. Yet, as they get older, skincare generally comes to the foreground as soon as that first wrinkle or age spot appears. The fact is that the older we get, the more fragile our skin becomes. Our oil glands become less active and our skin becomes thinner. This means dry skin and wrinkles can start becoming the norm and we are more susceptible to sun damage and developing skin disorders.

To maintain a youthful glow and to keep your skin at its optimum health level, there are a few skin care procedures that you can do. These four steps should serve as the foundation of your skin care routine.

How to cleanse and moisturize your skin

You’d probably be surprised to learn that most people don’t know how to wash their skin properly. Most people believe that taking long showers or long, soaking baths is good for their skin. They believe it hydrates their skin when the opposite is true. Taking long showers and baths is bad for your skin. It removes too much oil from your skin which can cause it to dry-out. Showers and baths should be kept to a minimum, around 15 minutes.

Another thing you should know about washing is that you should use warm water instead of hot water. Hot water can cause the capillaries in your facial skin to burst. You should also use mild soaps instead of strong, heavily scented soaps. When drying your skin, pat it dry. Do not rub it.

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When it comes to moisturizer, most women will apply a moisturizer to their face immediately after washing their skin. However, a moisturizer may not be needed. According to the Mayo Clinic, people should wait 15-20 minutes they have washed their face or had a bath or shower to determine if they need a moisturizer. If the skin feels tight and dry after this time, apply a moisturizer. Women who have acne generally will not need a moisturizer.

How to properly exfoliate your skin

Have you ever wondered why the skin of adult men seems to appear a lot healthier looking than women’s skin? Many beauty professionals believe this is because shaving the face exfoliates the skin. Women should exfoliate their skin once a week. When it comes to purchasing facial scrubs, don’t opt for the cheapies. The cheap scrubs have very large grains in them. These large grains can harm skin. Purchase a moderately priced scrub. Generally speaking, the more expensive the scrub, the smaller the grains will be. These smaller grains are gentler and they will help your skin versus hurting your skin.

Protecting your skin from sun damage

People are inclined to tune out things they hear over and over, but protecting your skin from the sun is advice you shouldn’t ignore. Sun protection is probably the most important thing you can do for your skin. Not only does sun exposure increase the chances of developing skin cancer, it makes the skin age faster. It also makes any wrinkles that you do have stand out and become more prominent.

If possible, avoid the sun during the late morning and early afternoon hours. This is when the sun is at its peak. If you can’t avoid the sun, wear a hat and a sunscreen that has at least a 15 protection factor. It’s best to apply sunscreen about one-half hour before going outside. This will allow it time to soak into your skin. You should reapply sunscreen if you are sweating heavily or participating in water activities.

Quit smoking to take care of your skin

Believe it or not, smoking is bad for your skin. It has such an adverse effect on the skin that the Mayo Clinic has reported that detrimental changes take place in the skin after only 10 years of smoking. Their reports states that the blood vessels of smokers narrows which decreases the amount of blood flow that is received in the skin. This results in the skin not receiving the oxygen and nutrients it needs – which in-turn damages elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen is what gives our facial skin its strength and elasticity.

If these four skin care procedures are followed properly and consistently, not only will your skin be healthier, but you’ll find that your skin looks younger. Some women report they notice a significant change within just a few weeks of implementing these steps.

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