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How to Tame Curly Hair and Keep It Looking Healthy and Beautiful

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Nothing is more stunning than a head full of well-kept curls. For centuries, women have worked long and hard to turn straight hair curly through various methods. However, many women are unhappy with the way their curly hair looks each day, whether the curls are natural or created.

This is simply because they do not know how to care for curly hair and keep it looking beautiful, regardless of the weather. Whether your curls are unruly, full of frizz, or flat and dull, here are some great tips for making the most of your beautiful curls.

Avoid the blow dryer

Using a heated blow dryer on curly hair can cause serious damage. Heat damage is one of the biggest factors in creating a frizz problem on a curly head. Instead, give yourself plenty of time to allow your hair to air dry before you leave for the day.

Use a diffuser

If blow drying cannot be avoided, try using a diffuser attachment to minimise the damage to the hair and keep curls looking sleek and smooth. Diffusers are used to spread the heat over a wider area and keep the damaging direct heat from focusing on one area.

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Never use a brush

Brushes are a natural enemy to curly or wavy hair. As the bristles are close together, they separate the shape of the curl and can create a major problem with frizz. In order to keep your curls together, use your fingers to brush through hair or use a pick or comb with very wide teeth.

Style hair while it is still damp

Curly hair is easier to work with when it is still damp. If you use hair products on your curly hair, it will work to retain the desired look, rather than having to fix a problem that popped up after your hair already dried. Use a spray bottle, filled with water, to dampen hair that has dried out before you had a chance to style.

Wash hair sparingly

Washing curly hair every day is not recommended. Instead, wait a day or two between washings. When you wash your curly hair every day, the oils are stripped from the hair, creating the opportunity for split ends and frizz to develop.

Never go to bed with a wet head

If you do not have time to allow your hair to dry before bedtime, be sure to put it up before you lie down. Braiding, plaiting or even wrapping hair into a bun will help to keep your curly bed head from getting out of control.

Deep condition regularly

Weekly deep conditioning treatments and monthly treatments with a hot oil product can work wonders on curly hair. This will help to repair and prevent damage that can create an out of control look.

Choose hair products wisely

One of the biggest mistakes many women make is to use products intended for straight hair on their curls. By selecting products that are made specifically for curly hair, you will get the extra moisturizing and conditioning properties that your hair needs most.

Keep your hair trimmed

Regular visits to the stylist are the curly girl’s best friend. By having your hair trimmed and shaped every six weeks or so, split ends will stay under control and your stylist can help you develop hairstyles that show off your curls to your advantage, taking length and season into consideration.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize

Using beautiful hair accessories can draw attention to your perfectly styled curls. In most cases, larger clips or barrettes are the best choice, as they won’t be lost in your cascade of curls. Using pretty accessories is a wonderful way to keep curls from getting in your way when you are on the go.

For many, having curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. Although there are methods that can be used to create the illusion of straight hair for those who have to deal with natural curls, these require damaging processes that can leave hair looking very unhealthy. The best option is to learn to take great care of your curly hair and keep it looking fantastic, even if it means an extra step or two in the morning. Follow these simple tips and you will have curls that are the envy of all your friends and acquaintances. Curly hair is fashionable, beautiful and easy to maintain – if you take the time to learn how to care for it properly.

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